The Economic Terrorist

Most actions in modern times can be categorized as some type of terrorism, creating a form of overkill for the word. One of the most disgusting and inflammatory acts of terrorism I have been indirectly exposed to was economic terrorism. ...more

Boston Strong: Taking the Terror Out of Terrorism

 Would you watch the finish of the Boston Marathon in 2014?  Think about it.  It will be the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon explosions, and it will be Patriot's Day, an all-American day of pride that anti-American terrorists would love to destroy again.  It would be scary, but I think most Americans, including myself, would be there to show terrorists that we're not afraid, and we're not going to change our lifestyle because of them....more

Parenting on Either Side of Tragedy

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was three months out of college, single, and getting used to 'the real world'. And by 'real world', I mean single, with a shiny new Hyundai Elantra, and living back home with my parents....more

What I Wish Terrorists Understood

{By "terrorist" I mean, "a person who terrorizes or frightens others".  It can be anyone intending to dominate, coerce or overcome using fear.} Yesterday I drove from Portland to Salt Lake City.  It's a 13 hour drive.  Being alone on the road for that long makes my mind wander and yesterday I could not stop thinking about what happened in Boston....more

Boston - never again? Think again. Reflections by a Northern Irish immigrant.

Until September 11th, I had taken for granted the sense of security I felt as a woman who had traded in Northern Ireland for America....more

Terrorism Resolves Nothing

In the wake of the Boston Marathon's bombing the issue of terrorism, domestic or foreign, rises to the top of conversation. I'm not even remotely close to Boston nor have any great understanding of terrorism but what I do feel is that these attacks have an opposite effect to what I think is intended. The message a terrorist attempts to send can never be received....more

Heroes and helpers in the Boston Marathon bombings

Just like after the Newtown shootings, yesterday's tragic attacks at the Boston Marathon left me wanting to immediately pick up my kids from school. But I didn't.Instead, I read the accounts of the people who were there when the bombs went off and "looked for the helpers" as Mr. Roger's mom had taught him to do in the face of tragedy.There were many helpers yesterday, but perhaps none as touching to me as the man who lost his son in Iraq and his other son to suicide after his brother was killed....more

Boston Marathon – Running for Your Life!

Boston Marathon – Running for Your Life!Terrorism has once again shown it is prepared deliberately to stop at nothing in creating human victims.  An end must be put to this.  As never before, it is vital to unite forces of the entire world community against terror.  ~Vladimir Putin...more

Obama's Doctrine

"Terrorism is the Theatre of the Obscene."

Last night I was delaying the process of going to bed.  My mind was spinning a bit with the question of how to appropriately honor what this day means for our community.At some point, I was thinking back to a dinner I had attended a year before the OKC bombing.  One of my favorite theatre professors at UCO was one of THOSE people - Dr. Roberta Sloan was the kind that opens her heart and her home to her students and had asked us over for what was, to me, a gesture of extreme kindness.  I wasn't used to seeing professors in social situations....more