9/11: Talking with your kids about terrorism

Parents prepare for certain questions when their children begin elementary school.My husband and I were no different, role-playing routines for the inevitable “Where do babies come from?” and “Who is this Santa character?”But, nothing prepared me for a most serious inquiry.“Mommy, do you know what happened on September 11th?”...more

Let's Uphold Freedom of the Press for Charlie Hebdo

When I was in journalism school, I had a professor who told us that whatever we did as journalists, we always had to be honest and play by our profession’s ethics. But more importantly, he told us, we had to play by our own personal ethics. The media has the power to make or break someone’s career. Words written in the media, much like words written on the Internet, last forever. Whatever we did, we needed to act with integrity....more

Non-State Actors and the Many Meanings of "Terrorism"

For Millennials, perhaps no other international affairs issue carries more immediate weight than the question of al-Qaeda. Having been just old enough to have some grasp on what had taken place on 9/11/2001, al-Qaeda has become the non-state actor to define non-state actors, and the terrorist organization to define terrorist organizations. Therein lies the problem: The so-called “War on Terror” and the broad definition of what terrorism itself is has led to a lack of understanding of what al-Qaeda is, conflating it with other groups across the region despite important distinctions....more

A New Type of Hybrid Terror (Part 1): All-American Sons

If these suspects really are the culprits behind the bombings, and they do carry both radical religious sentiments and All-American credentials, than we might have to reformulate an altogether new understanding of terrorism that goes far beyond what we understand now. It is scary because we may have to admit to ourselves that domestic acts of terrorism and international terrorism have more in common than we want to believe....more
Yes, I have has similar thoughts about this.more

Taxes & Terrorism

As a blogger, I sometimes hit "dry patches".  I'm a good writer, but sometimes I just don't have material that I think is worth sharing with my audience.  On Sunday night, I usually line up various posts for the week, but I didn't have too much on my agenda to prep and share.  Until today. I hope this post doesn't get lost in the sea of blog posts that I am sure are circulating after the tragedy that struck in Boston today....more