How to test your soil at home

Gathering soil is fun!...more

Did You Hear About the Time Lindsay Lohan Stood Up Matt Lauer?

Picture this: You're Matt Lauer. You're feeling pretty good about that. I mean, YOU ARE MATT FREAKING LAUER. You shave, you get dressed, and you go to work, which today involves interviewing THE once-talented-it-girl-turned-total-hot-mess of the moment and you are all pumped up to ask the hard questions, and maybe...just maybe...get some well-lit mascara soaked tears in the process....more

The best test I ever failed - Thanks dad

It's the end of the school year and my kids are counting the days until they don't have to worry about homework, studying or tests.  Last week I was helping my son study for an upcoming test and he ask me if I had ever flunked a test.  I admit it.   I have failed a test before.   But there was one test I failed that I will never forget because I learned some skills after taking that test that I still use to this day.  I reminded him of my story about faith, and he rolled his eyes a bit, smiled and s...more

Simple sideline test can check athletes (and soldiers) for concussion

Rock on, female researchers!Kristin Bing, Amy Sharma and Teresa Selee created a new test using RADAR that can diagnose a concussion using a very simple test of multitasking.To screen someone, say, on the sideline of a high school football game, one would just: 1. Ask the athlete to walk a short distance while saying the months of the year in reverse order. (e.g. cognitive skill damage)2. Use the RADAR system to show if the person's gait pattern was different than that of a healthy athlete. (e.g. motor skill damage)...more

Reality of Life

Once again, I am reminded that we are raising a generation of whiners.  On the news today, they are talking about the complaints coming from recent SAT-takers that a question was not appropriate or fair or something like that.  Apparently, there was a question on the SAT asking respondents to write about whether or not reality television is "harmful".  The examinees' beef is that they could not eloquently respond to this question because they are too busy studying for their exams, the highly motivated scholars that they are, to have time for watching reality TV....more

Free online test to source your child's behavior

LearningRx hosts an online behavior test called the LSDS ( Learning Skills Discovery Survey). It's a 5-minute survey that "separates itself from other simple behavior tests by delivering more useful and detailed information about how a person learns and why they might struggle in a particular area."Produced by learning skill specialists at LearningRx, the survey helps uncover key learning behaviors that reveal the source—not just the symptoms—of a wide variety of learning problems....more

Take the Guesswork out of Drinking and Driving

If you are heading out to any soirées this season, chances are you will have a drink (or two) and feel fine to drive home.  Although the best bet is to trade that glass of bubbly for sparkling water, BACtrack may be ...more

A Daily Dare. A Lasting Challenge : No Buying Day!

I just realized how much USELESS stuff I  (or we for that matter) buy, consume or purchase daily, weekly, etc.  ...more

take the style self-exam

I once worked with a branding client who had a closet full of clothes fit for a hooker. Purple animal prints, a sequin skirt (with the price tag still on it,) lacey, itty-bitty things. Yet, she told me that her ideal outfit was a crisp white shirt, straight-legged jeans and a single strand of pearls. "I could wear that everyday," she pined. "You know, Jackie O with a twist." Uh–huh....more

Ready, Set, Test Yourself

Remember taking timed tests in high school, for a job, for a license or other exams? Think your test taking days are over? Hah! Think you have what it takes to concentrate and do well?Can I trust you to keep your own score?? If you have literally one minute take this quick test at: ...more