This will be on the test

My son is in real school now: He has defined classes, grades and real homework. So far, he has loved all of it. ...more

What's better: The ACT or SAT?

Think back to a memorable Saturday morning: You wake up early, somewhat refreshed from a dodgy night's sleep. You eat a decent breakfast, despite the fact that your stomach is roiling, and then you head off to school to take your SATs. Because there is nothing better than to spend four hours of your Saturday taking a test that you believe will decide your entire future. ...more

Testing is Not Trusting

Mike Robbins...more

Sex, HIV, and 'Being Mary Jane'

On this National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, I want to talk television. Specifically, Being Mary Jane. Odd? Yes, but BET’s new primetime drama Being Mary Jane is making waves in the television world. ...more
Well you definitely grabbed my attention. :)more

How to Learn to Not Give a Crap: Humility Through Public OPK Testing

I know we are probably overdoing it with daily ovulation testing starting a couple days after my last period ended, but we want to get it right.  This, though, means I have to do OPK testing daily wherever I am at the time it needs to be done...  I travel for work a lot and I'm rarely home when I need to perform the test.  This has left a plethora of experiences honing my skills in balance, personal cleanliness standards and ignoring the fact everyone thinks you're in the stall so long as you had other "business" to handle....more

How Are Condoms in "Family Planning"?!?

I don't test well.  Both in school as well as reading tests.  My wife bought 50 "pee in a cup, dip this little stick in it and sit for 10 minute" tests and "if you see a certain stream of lines resmebling hyrogliphics" you are ovulating.  It stresses me out.  So I asked her to get me one with smiley faces.  Here's her account....more

Mother or Gladiator?!

Sometimes, even two years down the line, it still amazes me how exhausting having a child is. Years ago in my pre-child and pre-Berlin life for that matter I used to work in film. I was in the lower echelons of the industry, a runner, head runner, camera assistant etc etc and these roles meant long hours (often 16-18 hour days). ...more


I read a lot of bad revies about the WP app for BB. But I’ve never been one to listen to other’s stupid opinions. So I’ll test it myself and if it let’s me post to my blog while waiting on my bestie @ La Hacienda….then that’s Kool with me.Just please God don’t let it crash my phone! I still have to give advice on down cushions before my Chimichanga gets here. He who has been forgiven much, loves much. That's pretty much me in a nutshell....more

Test post

Hi Denise, I am working from a PC running Windows XP Professional 2002.  I’m using Internet Explorer 7. I was using the rich text editor but later discovered that if I disabled it my post would go up, but I had to insert all of the HTML myself which was a bit of a pain. I have put up another post....more

Will do! Thanks Denise!

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