8 Proven Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

 The testosterone is a steroid hormone. It is produced in women’s ovaries and men’s testicles. The testosterone, during the period of puberty in boys, is one of the major drivers of the physical changes that happen in them, such as hair growth, deeper voice and increased muscle. It is important to have healthy levels of testosterone all through the adulthood and also during one’s old age....more

Androgel, Online Pharmacies, and Divorce

No matter how many warnings he was given, my ex-husband insisted on taking Androgel.  In doing so, he ended up finding himself faced with his biggest fear: being alone. There are a good number of years in age between he and I, and we each saw advantages to that for vastly different reasons.  While his reason was the assumption that he could recapture his (sexual) youth, mine was the assumption that he wanted someone who would not demand a "young man level" performance of sexual acitivity.  We were both wrong. ...more

Postmenopausal? Testosterone can improve your memory and verbal learning

Past menopause? Feeling like you've lost some memory and learning skills? You may want to try testosterone gel.For women not on estrogen therapy, it appears that testosterone therapy protects women against cognitive decline after menopause. Testosterone plays a role in desire, bone density and energy, while improving your mood.Even in men, testosterone replacement had positive effects on their brain function.In this study with the women, no major side effects were reported.Here's the study:http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/262130.php...more

What is fair in the Olympics? Is sex a special case?

We allow an uneven genetic landscape in the Olympics, accepting that some athletes are born with extra strength or stamina. So why do we care if a woman has higher testosterone levels?...more

Blame it on the testosterone ...

Have you ever wondered why your boys show little interest in homework? We literally have to take their privileges away to get them to set the priority correct....more
I found this in CNN.com : Love, sex and the male brain March 23, 2010|By Louann Brizendine, ...more

Are Female Athletes Woman Enough To Compete?

A lot has been written recently about the International Association of Athletics Federation, the governing body for track and field, and the new policy they've drafted to deal with female athletes who have excessive levels of male hormones. ...more

What really bugs me is the thinking behind this.

Women are considered naturally incapable. ...more

What's so great about girlfriends? Hormones!

In a crisis, nothing's better than a girlfriend.  I'm lifting this quote from Marin Magazine, because it makes the point perfectly.. ...more

Another thing girlfriends do well (most of mine at least) is stick together.more

This is my testosterone-laden life

This is my testosterone-laden life A screen shot of one page of my iPhone - these are not your Momma's apps!...more

Given that he's married to me, a girl, and we have 5 daughters. And a girl dog.

Poor guy. ...more

I Hate "Positive" Female Stereotypes

I love Ellen Sirleaf Johnson, I really do. As the first female president of Liberia, she has done amazing and wonderful things to heal her country from the violent civil war that destroyed so many lives in the most brutal, animalistic ways possible. ...more

Turned On, Sexy and Alive! at Midlfe

Here is some straight talk about sex, gals, from Christiane Northrup, MD. A long-time advocate for women’s intution, natural healing and self-care, we’ve come to expect Christiane to tell it like it is. In The Secret Pleasures of Menopause she breaks surprising new ground - from the importance of self-pleasure – what the Taoist call the Art of Self-cultivation - so we know our own bodies and what pleases us – to the news about nitric oxide, a gas vital to health and vitality that’s emitted during any pleasurable sensation - this is not your mother’s menopause! ...more