Suicide in Older Men is Often Triggered by Low Testosterone…Know How to Help the Men You Love (or Yourself)

My family is mourning the loss of Robin Williams today. I don’t pretend to know Robin’s health history, but I have had over 6 men in my life suddenly commit suicide after battling unresponsive depression in the fall or winter of their lives. Low testosterone levels in aging men are linked to anxiety and major depression that is often unresponsive to common therapies. But there is hope......more
Malm61 Agreed that the mood elevating effects of sex steroids is not just a serotonin mediated ...more

Is Testosterone Therapy Dangerous for Men with Low T?

Hundreds of studies have been done on the safety of testosterone (T) therapy in men. This includes the drug approval testing required by FDA for use of T creams and patches in men with symptoms of low T. And the numerous studies done in the US and around the world looking at giving reproductive aged men T for birth control.It is likely that in the next decade there will be a testosterone-based male contraceptive....more