The Texas Rangers Baseball Game, The Upset Child And The Lost Teaching Moment

American sports fans, TV commentators and the chattering classes in general were outraged at a Texas Rangers vs. New York Yankees baseball game when an engaged couple grabbed a foul ball at the same time a little boy’s father was trying to snatch it for his son.The child starts to bawl and makes a huge fuss on national TV. The couple is then vilified as selfish and unfeeling for not handing the crying child the ball they had won....more
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World Series: Hurt So Good!

Mark McGwire stood next to Tony LaRussa plotting what turned out to be the winning strategy for Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. Ron Washington stood, arms folded on the fence praying for two winning outs that didn’t happen. I love these Rangers – but I love good baseball more. Watching them take on the never-say-die St. Louis Cardinals tonight, I went back to 1989 when the Mac & Tony were paired on the Oakland A’s team for the Bay Bridge Series against the San Francisco Giants. They won that time in a four-game sweep, LaRussa as manager and Mark as one of the hot bats in the lineup....more
I couldn't pick which team I liked either. I grew up with the Cardinals in my back yard but I ...more