He was Treating me Like a Queen…And Then He Just Vanished

First of all, pat yourself on the back. This guy was obviously not the one for you, and you see that. Even though you admit you’re obsessing about the situation, you’re not pining for him or trying to get him back, which is a HUGE step forward in not becoming too attached to guys......more

Can Sexting Really Help You Spice Things Up?

Sexting has a somewhat of a bad reputation which is entirely unfair. Sensual missives are a literary tradition and an art form. Now that mobile technology has made it easy for us to communicate instantly, now that smart phones allow for messages that go far beyond the 160-character limit, there are no boundaries to what we can experience in exploring our desires, our imaginations, and our lovers. Why not give it a whirl? ...more
I've been sexting my ex obviously because I want him back surprisingly enough he called giggling ...more

Does Texting Take the Romance out of Dating?

Technology has changed the way we live and love, but is texting killing the romance in budding relationships? An emoticon can take on a powerful meaning when it comes from someone we like, but are we cheating ourselves out of smiles and real connection by relying so heavily on this form of messaging? ...more
Texting should not be the primary form of communication. If it is, that's a big problem. But I ...more

Please Don't Call Me... Maybe

I've been going on for the past few years to anyone who will listen about how much I hate the telephone. Just last week, a blog friend I'd never met and with whom I needed to communicate about something important said something like, "You're not one of those phone haters, are you? Because I attract all of you." And I had to tell her she was right. ...more

Sometimes these days I need to take it offline with friends I don't see very often. I didn't ...more

Dragon Dictation: My New Best Friend

Dragon Dictation is my new best friend.I have two daughters away at college, and our main method of communication is texting. But I admit to being text-challenged; I find it hard to type on my iPhone. So I often feel like a clod-fingered oldster, requiring ten minutes to respond to urgent questions like, "Can I wash the red underpants with the white?" Before I can painstakingly tap out a response, I often get an impatient prompt: "Mom?" ...more

Why I am not a texter

Yesterday, my friend, Sandy referenced an article on text messaging monsters and I admit, I am not a texter....more

Old Habits Die Hard: Must Read Tips and Web Sites to Help Break the Habit of Texting While Driving

  You should see my computer....more

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Driving is not a good time to write, especially on your cell phone

Nine out of ten (89 percent) of American adults believe that sending text messages or emails while driving is distracting, dangerous, and should be outlawed, according to a new survey commissioned by mobile messaging service Pinger, Inc. and conducted by Harris Interactive(R). Similar numbers (91 percent) of adults thought that drivers distracted by sending text messages or mobile email were just as dangerous as drivers who had a couple of drinks. ...more