Put That Smart Phone Down and Pay Attention!

Today I am stepping away from the saving money, frugal ways, and recipes that I usually write about.  I have an issue that makes me crazy.  Smart phones.  Now I am not an ogre and I don’t hate technology, but come on!  What bugs me is that we can’t seem to put the phone down....more

A 16-Year-Old Hit My Son's Car While Texting and Driving

One recent evening my husband and I were lying in bed watching our version of a bedtime story -- House Hunters International. At around 10:15 we heard the front door -- our son was home for the evening. There’s a sense of calm that comes over a parent, no matter how old their children, when the kids are all safely at home for the night -- and that’s what I felt as the door shut and the front light went off. Then we heard a crash -- the kind of crash no one wants to hear. ...more
I'm coming up on this post late, but I wanted to thank you for sharing this. I also want to say ...more

Amusing Searches: Second Most Read Post from Search Engine Traffic

Ignoring the Threat of Distractions The second most read post based on traffic from search engines…drum roll, please…..Driv...more