The Minivan Text Messenger vs. My Inner Mama Bear

Between the day I got my driver's license at 17 and my current ripe ol' age of 31, I can confidently say that I have never been in a car accident. *knock on wood*...more

The Distracted Parent: Must Read Tips and Websites for Staying Focused and Driving Safely

If You Give a Sleep-Deprived Mommy a To-Do List…   ...more

Old Habits Die Hard: Must Read Tips and Web Sites to Help Break the Habit of Texting While Driving

  You should see my computer....more

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Is Your Smart Phone Pandora's Box?

Here are three reasons why smart phones terrify me. 1) My 23 year-old nanny is now driving the baby around! She is fantastic but when she is at home, the phone buzzes constantly. So I had to figure out how to talk to her about safe driving when she has the baby, and I struggled with it because I felt awkward about it. I asked Sheila Marcelo, founder of, for her advice on how to talk to a caregiver about texting and driving. She says,...more

No Texting in California! Just Put Down your Phone and Drive!

California is the sixth state to make texting behind the wheel a punishable offense. Starting today, a California bill making it an infraction to write, send, or even read a text message goes into effect. The ban on texting is a follow-up to an earlier cellphone restriction that went into effect in July 2008, which requires adult motorists to use only handsfree devices when talking on cell phones. ...more