Dear Readers

This one is going to be a short ramble. To my pleasant surprise there are a few of you dear readers that are following along on my daily post challenge. Some of you have been vocal in expressing it to me, some of you are silently reading away. In either case I am absolutely delighted my daily rants have something to offer. It has increased my motivation to write. The first week of this challenge was difficult. I was in constant battle with myself, convincing the procrastinator to just ‘fugget about it’ (cue mob boss)....more

5 Ways For Moms To Have Manners In A World of Technology

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Thank You

Is a "Thank You" that hard?I mean, is it?Can't people just say "Thank You"?  Why  Not?Thank you is niceThank you is politeThank you is appreciatedThank you builds characterThank you is a small phraseThank you makes people smileThank you is lovelyThank you means you give a crapThank you worksThank you is winningThank you is important. Try it....."T.H.A.N.K     Y.O.U"  Say "Thanks" if "Thank You" is WAY too long.Odds are?  You owe someone a "Thank  You".  ...more

What Do You Think of Facebook's Thank You Videos?

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Facebook has unrolled a new video algorithm which culls moments out of your timeline and allows you to say thank you to someone on your Friends list. Unlike last December's year-in-review video, which culled out the best moments from your year, Facebook's "Say Thanks" campaign tries to find the overlap between two accounts, sometimes with very touching results and sometimes in ways that make coffee shoot out your nose. ...more
I thought it was a cute idea.  I just changed the pictures that didn't make sense (or where I ...more

One Thank You at a Time

How often do you say 'thank you'? I don't mean in the checkout or drive-through line, but to people who aren't expecting it.  A few years ago, while reading books about effective leaders, I ran across a suggestion to send three thank you cards per week, old-school, handwritten, snail mail.  I loved the idea! Imagine someone's face or their voice when they tell you they've received your card. It's an amazing feeling to know you've made someone's day. You invested in your relationship with that person. Go ahead. Give it a try. Watch what happens....more

Haters, You Don’t Know How Much You Blessed Me – I Just Want to Say Thank You!

Dear Haters,Thank you for taking time to gossip and talk bad about me. You don’t know how much it blessed me. I’m not bitter. I’m stronger, wiser, better. Thank you Jesus!...more

Thank you notes - even if you are doing them, you're doing them wrong

My mom taught me to write thank you notes (thanks, Mom!), because we are civilized, polite people who have respect for our loved ones and an overall fondness for the complex social cues found in Jane Austen novels.She gave me the basic formula when I was little:...more

10 Ways to Express Your Gratitude to Clients and Colleagues

Gratitude is a worthwhile daily practice.  The words “thank you” are so simple to say and can have such a huge impact on others.  There is no better time than now to tell people you’re grateful for that they matter to you and have made a difference.  With Thanksgiving and the holiday season on the way, opportunities abound to express your sentiments of gratitude. First, make a list of all the people you are most grateful for. These are all the people you are glad to have in your life.  ...more
Great article, thank you!  I will be sharing with my friends.more


Thank You.

 Thank you.Thank you for signing up. For showing up. For not giving up.Thank you FOR giving up. For sacrificing. For missing wedding anniversaries. And dance recitals. And little league games. So that we won’t have to.Thank you to your families. For working overtime. Counting days. Counting hours. Counting minutes. Til you safely arrive home....more