Thank you notes - even if you are doing them, you're doing them wrong

My mom taught me to write thank you notes (thanks, Mom!), because we are civilized, polite people who have respect for our loved ones and an overall fondness for the complex social cues found in Jane Austen novels.She gave me the basic formula when I was little:...more

10 Ways to Express Your Gratitude to Clients and Colleagues

Gratitude is a worthwhile daily practice.  The words “thank you” are so simple to say and can have such a huge impact on others.  There is no better time than now to tell people you’re grateful for that they matter to you and have made a difference.  With Thanksgiving and the holiday season on the way, opportunities abound to express your sentiments of gratitude. First, make a list of all the people you are most grateful for. These are all the people you are glad to have in your life.  ...more
Great article, thank you!  I will be sharing with my friends.more


Thank You.

 Thank you.Thank you for signing up. For showing up. For not giving up.Thank you FOR giving up. For sacrificing. For missing wedding anniversaries. And dance recitals. And little league games. So that we won’t have to.Thank you to your families. For working overtime. Counting days. Counting hours. Counting minutes. Til you safely arrive home....more

Giving Back: The BlogHer Tree

In January 2010, my daughter Nikki told me she wanted a trip to BlogHer in San Diego for a birthday present. ...more
 @bereccah me too, i'm so glad I was introduced to BlogHer :)  thanks for stopping by :)  more

A Thank You Tribute To Books

Every so often we must thank our writing roots. I’ve been fortunate this past year and published three books. My third book, Bad Luck Officer, was just released. There have been many influences on my road to becoming an author. I would like to pay tribute. ...more
What was the first book that I missed?  Your writing is chocolate for my brain :)more

Write a Letter of Appreciation Week

Dear Medics, In the past, I’ve posted about the Soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, but today I’d like to thank you, the medics. Awhile back I attended a Special Operations medical conference in Tampa. (See?...more

Thank you

Dear friends, I want you to know that I am grateful to and for you. Whether you read my words and quietly lurk Or share my posts with others Or take the time to write a comment Thank you for being here. Whether you just happened to drop by today Or you're a brand new friend Or you've been around for awhile Thank you for being here. Whether you only visit occasionally Or subscribe to my blog and read every new post Or catch up with me on Facebook or Twitter Thank you for being here. Whether I know you online Or in "real life" ...more

Thank You

Whatever we focus our thoughts on becomes our reality.  When we focus on anger, we become more angry.  When we focus on joy, we find joyous examples sparkling through the day. ...more

Handmade Greeting Card Giveaway from Julie Ann Art

Handwritten notes are fabulous to give and receive. In the age of technology, emails and text messages, a physical thinking of you is both memorable and just plain awesome. So share your thanks, love or just a hello with a handmade greeting card from Julie Ann Art. Right now Julie Anna is giving away a $25 gift certificate to her shop....more