3 notes a week for 3 weeks

   On Wednesday, I went to an HR Convention (for my other job) and one of the key note speakers, Chester Elton was grea...more

Giving Thanks, Literally

It is the season when we most remember to ‘Give Thanks’ and when that involves the giving and receiving of gifts, sometimes kids (as well as many adults) can use a little help or inspiration to do just that.  Writing thank you notes in appreciation for a gift or other kindness, is an important skill for kids to learn but sometimes it can be difficult to know just what to say or how to say it.   ...more

A Bag and a Thank You Note

When’s the last time that you can remember receiving a Thank You note? I’m talking an honest-to-God, handwritten, [not emailed] stamped and mailed Thank You note. It’s been a long time for me. So, you can imagine my surprise when I received one yesterday. A few weeks ago, PBN held a “blog blast” where I wrote a love letter to my SUV. I won a Passchal bag via random drawing for my post and had been waiting patiently for my prize. ...more