Thankful Thursday -- look back over 2012

Welcome to the first Thankful Thursday post of 2013!As I was singing our daughter to sleep, and thinking of what to write for this week’s post (always multi-tasking!), I thought it fitting to look back at 2012 and all the blessings it brought. ...more

Savoring a Good Day

I almost didn't write anything today but decided it would be better to post a quick note before I go to bed that to skip it...even if I couldn't find the perfect picture to include in the post. I'm feeling very thankful tonight and wanted to share. I know that's cheesy. Sorry in advance. I'm thankful for my wonderful little family.  I'm thankful every time I feel our little baby moving in my belly. I'm thankful every time L says, "I love you so much mommy!"...more

Thankful Thursday: September 27

Thursday is the day when I pause to take a few minutes and just soak in all the blessings which have been poured over me during the past week.This week I am thankful for:The Man of the House: For bringing me Nyquil, lotion tissues, and ginger ale when I was sick with a head cold earlier this week.My "Baby" Sister:  Who sent me a gift card to my favorite bookstore because she was thinking about me wanted to make me smile!...more
Oh, Becky, these are all wonderful things to be grateful for. You've made me teary-eyed thinking ...more

Thankful Thursday - August 16

Digging deep to find the thankful this week!  Some weeks are more difficult than others.  But if you look enough, there's always good there somewhere.Grace and Mercy:  When ever I start feeling down on myself it always helps to remember the grace which God has given to me.  He knows me for just who I am, and loves me despite all the things I do to get in the way of His plan for me.  The Man of the House, the Little Man, and I were all baptized Sunday afternoon.  Good ol' southern Baptist style - with a full dunk in a mountain lake. ...more
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Loving Our Morning Routine While It Lasts

Snuggled beneath my covers, thinking about the upcoming day and what I hope to accomplish, that is when I usually hear the jingle of a door knob being turned by little fingers. Lately the early morning wake up has been coming from my little boy. (Unless he’s already in my room, sleeping on the floor.) If I’m lucky I can talk him in to some snuggle time. It’s those few precious moments, where I’m holding on to my youngest who is trying to grow up all too fast, that make me smile in the morning....more

Thankful: A Day Late

Oops!  I let Thursday get away from me without posting my Thankful Thursday post!  That's OK.  I can be thankful on Friday also.  :0)Thankful Thursday: August 2 (which is really Aug.3) Ask and You Shall Receive!:  When I posted my list of August goals, I mentioned planning a date night with the man of the house.  No sooner had my fingers hit "Publish" than I got an email saying he was happy to help achieve that goal and suggesting Saturday  Date Night!:  ...more
Your husband is REALLY part of the 21st century's technology! His e-mailed response is very funny.more

Thankful Thursday: July 26

It's been a tough week around here.  And at times it seemed difficult to find things to be thankful for.  But the blessings are always there if you look close enough. Tomatoes Fresh From the Garden: Nothing compares to the taste of a tomato grown right in your own back yard.  Nothing.  Juicy.  Sweet, but not too sweet.  Just......more
I hope your spirit of gratefulness spreads like fire, burning away all the the culturally ...more

Thankful Thursday: July 19

It's difficult for me to believe that another week has already flown by and over half of July has come and gone!  They say time flies when you're having fun, and with all the things I have to be grateful for this week - it's no wonder the weeks are flying by!Baby Laughter:  Seriously, is there anything in the world better than the sound of a baby laughing?  I challenge anyone to listen to the full belly laugh of a little one and not end up laughing along! ...more
 @victorias_view I know, right?? : )more

Thankful Thursday: July 12

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) If I had to write this yesterday, it would have been a challenge.  Yesterday was one of those stressful, overwhelmed, feeling in-over-my-head kind of days.  Fortunately, today seems to have dawned clearer and calmer.  And I can see the blessings before me:A Patient and Supportive Husband!...more
@carolinabeckey gratefulness is not in fashion in our consumer driven society. But for me it ...more

Thankful Thursday: July 5

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) I have had such a good week so far.  It's been easy to find blessings to write about for the first week of the Thankful Thursday post.  May it continue to be so simple to see the blessing in my life!...more