Attitude of Gratitude

This morning as I was putting on the ring that my husband, I mean my kiddos, got me for Christmas, I thought back to Christmas Day when I received it, and how full my heart was at that very moment....more

Thankfulness Tuesday: Post Surgery

So, I had planned this post as a post surgery post but I hadn't had the energy to write much. So what you'll get is short and sweet. I promise to get more substantive blog posts soon. To read more, visit: http://www.georgiapeachmommy.blogspot.comXo,J...more

Thankful Thursday: A Warm Weather Walk

I cannot be the only one...who is ready for their little one to head back into the halls of knowledge (or at least of crayons and construction paper).  Today, though I am thankful that the Southern California weather permitted us to take to the streets and walk our little hearts out...please visit me at I Cannot be the Only One...for the rest of my Thankful Thursday....more

Thankfulness Tuesday: New Year

New Years Eve always make me reflect on the past year (even more so than Thanksgiving). So much has happened this past year and it has seriously flown by. It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating last New Years. So I want to thank all of you, my readers, who have made me feel like I'm a decent blogger ;) To read the rest of this post, visit: Xo,J...more

Early Christmas Present - Self-Actualization

It took moving 6,000 miles away from home to find my domestic side... or any side actually, but for this post I'll stick with the domestic. It's one of the strangest discoveries that I didn't think existed, just like Santa Claus. Instead I found out it was simply dormant for the past thirty years, awakened only when the distractions of living in Los Angeles and America in general were taken away....more

Thursday Thankfulness: Thanksgiving

So I haven't blogged too much about our Thanksgiving, but we stayed in town (my parents and grandparents live here). It's a wonderful blessing to have everyone pretty close. Thanksgiving always makes me reflect on the previous year and all of the wonderful things that have happened. This past year, I'm thankful that E turned two and is so much fun to be around. I'm thankful that my brother had a cancer-free scan after two years post surgery. I'm thankful that my sister-in-law had a successful surgery and a tumor removed....more

This Little Light

These are my glasses, this is my book...

3:45 am Really? My daughter, the girl twin, started proclaiming that she had already done her business in her diaper and, in the process or insisting that her diaper got changed, woke up her brother. And so began my morning. With a high in the lower teens, a snow storm in the forecast, and not so friendly road conditions, I had been hoping for just a tad bit more sleep. Was hoping to wake up some time AFTER 4 or 4:30 am, not before. Too bad. ...more

Being thankful

This season, next year, and the time looking forward, I desire to spend more time being thankful. Thankful for everyone in my life and thankful for everything I have. I am not one of those persons who are sugary sweet and happy-go-lucky, all the time. Awhile ago, a process that would change my life as I knew it - sometimes making me seriously doubt the trustworthiness of men, my ability to get along with others on a more intimate level, question the safety of the world - at times distracted me from thinking more on the the blessings I have in my life....more