Religion Free Mealtime Prayer

Raising my kids religion free does not mean we don't crave ritual and prayer.  After staying with my parents for 7 weeks, the Cabin Kids got used to saying Grace at mealtimes, so I came up with an alternative that I am comfortable saying along with them, that doesn't bring up questions of a faith we don't embrace....more

Thankful Thursday

NaBloPoMo Day 14 Just a few things I am thankful for this week! :) 1. My Family I don't think there are enough words to express how thankful I am for my mother and sister. As each day passes, I treasure them so much more....more

30 Days of Gratitude & Thanksgiving 2013: Day 8

I AM THANKFUL FOR: Visits with my dadClean kitchenStarting a new crochet projectLaughter ...more

30 Days of Gratitude & Thanksgiving: Day 7


30 Days of Gratitude & Thanksgiving: Day 6

  I AM THANKFUL FOR: The Man of the House's softball team went undefeated in the tournamentGood booksCurious George...more
Curious George! :)more

What Are You Thankful For?

It's November and my Facebook News Feed is filled with wonderful messages of daily gratitude that my friends have shared.  I love reading these messages and I am ultimately jealous because I will never be so on top of things to post a positive tribute each and every day.  I'd be the one with multiple bullet points or numbers, struggling to catch up to the current calendar day of thanks. ...more

30 Days of Gratitude & Thanksgiving: Day 3

I AM THANKFUL FOR: Being by myselfWhen God talks to meFootball SundaysMeatball subs ...more
carolinabeckey I haven't made homemade meatball subs in AGES. I should do that soon.more

Thirty Thankfuls

Once again, I am participating in the #thankful “Thanks-A-Thon” where I share one or two of the people and things I am thankful for every day.  I hope that some of you will consider joining be and putting up a Facebook status, Twitter post or Instagram post of things you are thankful for every day for the rest of this month....more

Thankful (NaBloPoMo 1)

Today being the start of November, and the beginning of my attempt to complete NaBloPoMo, I think I'll make a list of 30 of the things for which I'm thankful (for 30 days in November).Jim.Eriana.At the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago. These two have my heart....more

Encouraging Gratitude in the Workplace

Focusing on gratitude should, also, include gratitude in the workplace.If you are an employee or have employees that are unhappy, it impacts so many things - work production, team morale, customer service, the list can go and on.I'm thankful to work in an environment that recognizes and actively reflects an attitude of gratitude on a regular basis....more