Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 42

This has been quite a week, hasn't it? Though my own personal corner of the world is fine at the moment, it sure does seem as though the news has been exceptionally full of sadness and strife over the past little while. Perhaps that's all the more reason to take a few minutes to stop and focus on gratitude... even, in some cases, for the blessings that come in spite of the bad. ...more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 41

So... Number One on my gratitude list today is my employer. Why, you ask? Well, I'm always grateful to them for several reasons - giving me a job in the first place, keeping me around even when times were tough, generosity with salary and bonuses, agreeing to allow me to work from home when I moved across the country... the list goes on! ...more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 40

I feel as though I should probably warn you in advance - just in case you happened to think it would be otherwise - my gratitude list today is going to be rather BlogHer '14-centric! Because the whole trip was an amazing experience from start to finish, and left me feeling grateful in all sorts of ways - and this seems like the perfect place to share it. So please bear with me! :) ...more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 39 (BlogHer '14 Edition!)

Welcome to the BlogHer '14 edition of the Gratitude Linkup! While normally our linkups are open for just one week, this special "accommodate Laurel's travel schedule" edition will run for two full weeks of gratitude sharing goodness... so keep checking back for new links! ...more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 38

At the top of today's gratitude list is BlogHer '14... because I've been anticipating the event for almost a year, and now it's finally time to start counting down for real! ...more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 37

Over the past couple of months we've been financially stretched due to a whole bunch of extraordinary expenses - some planned, some unexpected... some good, some bad... some fabulous, some terrible. ...more
blogqueendiane Glad you figured it out! :)more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 36

Today, nature fills me with gratitude... because the day lilies in our back alley have blossomed, and they're gorgeous! ...more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 35

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions ranging from anxiety about getting the house ready for company in the midst of concerns about Grisabella's worsening health, to joy at seeing and being able to spend many days with my sister and friend, to heartbreak over the loss of our sweet Grisabella, to contented enjoyment of the sights of my city and gorgeous summer ...more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 34

Happy Father's Day to my smart and wonderful dad! You are number one on my gratitude list today for so many reasons, topped by your unfailing strength of character and personal ethics. Thank you for setting such a great example for me - I am grateful I can call you Dad. ...more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 33

How is your summer going so far? OK, so I know it's not officially summer for another couple of weeks yet, but it sure seems like it to me... and I'm loving it so much that this beautiful time of year just has to be number one on my gratitude list for the week! I am enjoying living in a place where the seasons are clearly defined, as the obvious shift from one to the next really heightens my appreciation of the changes. ...more