It Needs Be Said:

I don’t typically like preachy op eds or blog posts. I’m not one to take kindly to patronization. I also try to avoid the overly saccharine variety of, well, anything. More about what I don’t like: the Huffington Puffington Post, especially, within the last year. Although, I do still read it on occasion and sometimes they make-up for what I consider to be several major shortcomings for which my personality can’t really take....more

Bringing a Pie to a Thanksgiving Dinner: Making Ahead and Transporting

I am getting close to my final pie lineup for Thanksgiving at my husband's family's house. There have been some changes: I'm not making apps after all -- I like my savory pies heated through, and oven space is at a premium since the guest list is now at (gulp) 19. I've also gotten a request for a fruit pie, and other people are covering pumpkin and pecan. So... I'm rethinking. ...more

but with 21 guests and very little counter space I'm pretty sure that might be grounds for my ...more

Sex Tips! Getting Your Thanks On!

While the traditions of Thanksgiving now center on eating a big dinner and making turkey pictures out of hand prints, this holiday was once actually all about sharing skills and giving thanks for the good things. Obviously they were talking about sex. Okay, fine, it was all about the harvest, but really, I like to think it was all about hot puritan sex. Show me your ankles, you dirty thing. So in the spirit of the stuffing and gravy, here are a few tips to make some bedroom tradition of your own!...more

That was great...and informative in the area that truly satisfies ones hunger.

Thank ...more

Simple, Homemade Cranberry Sauce

This is a simple, but delicious Cranberry Relish that I've been making with my children for a few years. The recipe is for Relish, and traditionally, it wasn't supposed to be cooked, but it tastes better that way. Here is what you need: Fresh Cranberries, Walnuts & 2 Oranges ...more


I went back East to visit my family again. Every time I'm about to leave L.A. for New York I can almost feel myself morphing from grown up to child. I'll start slumping a bit more, make a mental note to tell my parents all the wonderful things I’ve accomplished in my life since the last time we saw each other, I've even thought about making a few pieces of art work so when I left they could place them up on their refrigerator and show them off to their friends at their next dinner party. ...more