No Matter How Bad Life Looks, There Is Always A Reason To Be Thankful

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Thanksgiving Unplugged: Waking the Sleeping Giant

My five-year-old daughter loves to draw pictures of me. She often depicts me as an ant with her as a little ant – riding on my back. Often she just draws a stick figure with long hair. In almost all of these, I hold a little box. The first time I noticed this pattern I asked, “Honey, what am I holding.” And she proudly replied, “Your iPhone!”...more

Thanksgiving Started Out Normal Enough…

That's me and my never-ending laughterTrip to the cemetery to see Gram, some coffee and the newspaper. As I walked next door to my mother-in-laws, I always laugh at how lucky I am that we can all walk over, there are dozens of cars on our street and we don't have to worry about parking. This is our first year without my father-in-law, the best man I have ever met. He passed away rather unexpectedly in April and things aren't quite the same in the neighborhood where he grew up and raised his children. Everyone has been a bit on edge coping with their feelings but I certainly didn't expect the scenario that played out at dinner....more
EstheticGoddess Glad we aren't the only ones! Hopefully your kids toys are safe from the kitchen ...more

The ONE best thing to be thankful for

It’s a time to be thankful.  Yes, in spite of your debt, medical issues, job loss, death of a loved one, divorce, addiction – you can be thankful if for no other reason than that you woke up this morning and lived to see another day.  Read more #NaBloPoMo Day 28...more

On being full of thankful.

A few days ago someone posted, "What are you thankful for this week?"and my first thought was...nothing special. WHAT?! NOTHING SPECIAL?! What I mean is, there was nothing different about my level of thankfulness.Every single morning that I open my eyes, I am thankful.For the sunshine or the rain.For my kids.For coffee.For family and friends, and the love and support they give so generously.For love and forgiveness.For the kindness of strangers....more

Today I Am Thankful

The Thanksgiving Vacation That Began with an Eight Car Pile Up

Maybe’s it’s because I was in a really bad car accident that I have a terrible memory. I had to ask my dad and my own human memory goddess HS to help me remember: was it Christmas? was it Thanksgiving? Was it freshman or sophomore year?It was the Friday before Thanksgiving my sophomore year. And once I remember, I remember everything....more

What I’m Thankful For

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!...more

Happy Thanksgiving. And 9 life quotes that could impact your life. But don’t quote me on that.

In honour of American Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to make a list.Not a list of things I’m grateful for because, let’s face it, do we really have time to sit through a list of yayyy-my-kids-health-wine-flip-flops-and-Apple?I think I just made my list.Never mind. Let’s move on, shall we?9 Life quotes no one should ever live without1. “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful,” said someone by the name of Joshua J. Marine....more

Thanksgiving: Have You Started Eating Yet?

I'm awake, the neighbor's dog made sure of that at about 6:30 this morning.  Because I pre-gamed, and made a lot ahead as momma taught me, I'm already preheating the oven and giving it the pep talk, its call to get its game face on as it has got a helluva a day ahead of it. I've got the monkey bread and the eggs benedict casserole, (my personal "can't wait to eat" item), ready to go and wanted to take a moment before things get into full swing to offer you some advice:...more