Hope I'm Not Too Late: Thanksgiving Food & Fashion

I hope I’m not too late, but I wanted to share some last minute Food and Fashion do’s and don’ts for Thanksgiving.  Perhaps you don’t need to hear any of these yourself, but you may be able to pass these tips on to someone less fortunate. If you are on a diet during Thanksgiving: ...more
LOL! I actually look forward to growing old and wearing a velor gym suit wherever I go ;) Have a ...more

Thanksgiving When All the Kids are Grown-Ups

Life is different when your kids are grown, especially around the holidays. One of my sons lives in London with his new wife, the other in San Francisco with his cool girlfriend. We hardly ever get to be all together, and when we do it’s not for long. This year, as is often the case, it’s going to be Thanksgiving. Although I learned long ago not to get really nuts about it, here’s the truth: When your kids grow up there’s not a lot you can do for them besides feed them and not pressure them to be around when they can’t. ...more

enjoyed your post on thanksgiving visits with your two grown sons. It's a reminder that we are ...more

A question about dining room table leaves

So my newly inherited dining room table is 6′ long with one leaf in it, if I open it up with all of the leaves it is about 13′ long. I don’t even have enough chairs to fit around a table that size! Do you usually keep the leaves in your dining room table?See what others have to say here.Kimberly writes at Outside My Head and That's My Answer....more

Nope, take the leaves out!

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Dressing Issues

With Thanksgiving days away, I sit in my living room surrounded by cookbooks, cooking magazines, menus, and shopping lists. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is in the autumn with all the pretty fall colors, and because it only involves cooking a meal for loved ones....more

What to Wear for Thanksgiving: Comfort Without Sacrificing Style

But, all of this cooking and eating and socializing sometimes makes it difficult to decide how to dress. I've run into three main issues in my experience, and I've come up with an outfit that solves them all, which means you can be nice and comfy and still look like a knockout in the family photo. ...more
Love this outfit! I know this post is from a year ago but I just found it when I posted ...more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Roast Turkey, Stuffing, and Gravy

Like so many homemakers before and after me, I learned the fine art of turkey-roasting from my mom, who’s so good at it that my big brother was often driven mildly insane with anticipation—beginning his ritual fasting well ahead of time in preparation for the holiday feast....more

Easy Succulent Thanksgiving Recipe

It is hard to believe that is was 16 years ago next weekend that my husband’s company transferred him to the United States. It was truly an exciting move from the cold Canadian north to sunny Southern California. My mother was quite worried about my expatriate status, since I was a not-so-young mom with a two year old. Every call home, my mother would ask, “Have you met any new friends yet?” So finally, and mostly to appease her, I joined the local Newcomers Club....more

Thanksgiving Recipes and Gratitude Lists

by Billie BrownThis week, many or most Americans will sit down to a traditional or not-so-traditional meal of turkey – alternatively, on both ends of the spectrum, turducken or tofurkey – and many other holiday dishes, as a way of giving thanks for the blessings of daily life....more

Improving Kitchen Karma at Thanksgivi

Holidays are fun gatherings for family and friends, but they also can be stressful. For starters, no one really ever will know how many hours it takes to defrost a 12 or a 20 pound turkey in my fridge. ...more

Gathering Home Tips for Giving Thanks

Greening up your Thanksgiving and other Holiday celebrations is easy.  Here are GH tips for just that! ~Use e-card invitations (like evite.com)  to let guests know your plans. ~Suggest ride sharing to your guests.  Encourage fewer emissions! ...more