The Tryst with Destiny

On this 68th Indian independence day, we would like to share with all of you a glimpse of the dance drama we were a part of. This musical dance drama, called The Tryst with Destiny, is a story about the last phase of the Indian freedom struggle. We were fortunate enough to be a part of this drama in the music and the acting departments. ...more

'The Messiah' play a resounding success in Charlotte, North Carolina

The play's cast with Fr. Richard Ho LungA week after it was held at the 800-person capacity Halton Theater of CPCC in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, the musical presentation “The Messiah” remains the talk of the town.“It was hard to find seats...presenting the life of Christ and integrating it with Jamaican culture was interesting and different,” said Raymund Kelly....more


Last night, my best friend Jenna and I went to see the Broadway production, WICKED. We had the worst seats in the house (yet still quite expensive). It was a wonderful show; I was impressed. Pre WICKED, we had appetizers and drinks at CRAVE. It was a great night out- but we can easily have as much fun just meeting up at the local coffee shop. ...more

Brendan Griffin Talks “Clybourne Park’s” Journey to Broadway

Good news for all the chatterboxes out there: there is one actor on Broadway who doesn’t mind if you’re loud in the audience....more