Coaches on the Edge Present the Hair Apparent

elizabeth: Laurie and I went to see the revival of “Hair” this past Sunday in Manhattan. I remember reading about this tribal love-rock musical in 1967 and wishing I was older so I could go see it. But my parents had the local nunnery on their speed dial (my parents knew the Jetsons – look it up) and I was too cowardly back then to attempt incurring my parents wrath. Plus I would have been force-fed Frank Sinatra records and that could have scarred me for life.  So finally this past Sunday I was able to let the sun shine in on a young girl’s wish.  ...more

Lord Help Us

As most of you know, I am a theatre person--I act, I direct, I sing, I move well (that's the nice way of saying I'm no dancer, but I can pick up choreography and pull it off without looking too awful!) Ricky is also artistically minded--he used to play the flute, he was a dancer back in the day, he has also acted, directed and choreographed and now he's an arts administrator.Because we are both so artsy-fartsy, we've joked all along that we were probably going to end up with a really sporty kid. ...more

I Can Has Cheezburger: The MusicLOL

I was probably one of the last people on the internet to know what a lolcat was.  See I'm a dog person and if there had been loldogs, I'd have known all about 'em.  But grammatically challenged pussycats?  Not so much.  "I has funnie pitchures and capshuns?  Wut you talkin' bout Kitty?"   ...more

i was just there thurs - sun! Love Beacon St consignment shop! could've stayed in there ...more

"Golden Girl" Bea Arthur Dead at Age 86

Actress and comedienne, Beatrice Arthur died Saturday of cancer at the age of 86.  She was the Emmy award winning star of two hit TV series, "Maude" and "The Golden Girls," and in her early career was a Tony award winning theatre actress. ...more

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My Career in Musical Theatre

When I tell you I was in The Music Man, your first thought would probably be: "Oh, were you Marian the Librarian?" No, I was not Marian the Librarian! Just because I wear glasses and read a lot and look like someone who should know the Dewey Decimal system and my mother's name was Marian does not a Marian the Librarian make me. You think you're so smart. ...more

I'm a former musical theatre performer and loved this story.

Elisa Camahort Page
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How I Spent My Valentine's Day. Full Story!!!

Most of the story, anyway.  Took place over 5 hours.  Details must be lost in the wash. I packed a backpack, suitcase, and the 5 foot canvas heart to bring to the space–(the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts). ...more

Childrens’ Underwear on my Head in the NYC subway.

When I turned 27, I decided that every day of my 27th year, I would perform somewhere. I decided I could do this anywhere for any duration, so long as I had an audience of at least one. ...more

a tribute to high school actors

i love teaching high school actors. together, they are a group of inherently cool people.  and in every group of students there is at least one, often two or three, of the following: - the chic i wish was my friend - the dorky boy who will grow up to change the world - the political activist who has done more in 15 years than i have in 30 - the forgotten child who fell into acting by chance and it has changed her world - the one i want to party with - the gay boy who doesn’t know it yet, or does but doesn’t announce it ...more