15 Tips to protect holiday packages from theft

During the holidays, thieves will actually follow delivery trucks, snatching the packages that the driver leaves at peoples’ front doors. Thieves will also cruise around neighborhoods in search of boxes left at front doors—and steal them....more

Thievery is sucky

I. Am. Pissed. Off.If listening to me rant is not your thang then please focus on this soothing image:Just focus on this...more

The Weight of Fear

The concrete rushed up at me, blurred in the speed I traveled to it. I felt the grit and heft against my arms and chin, which took the brunt of the force. The slow spread of warmth and tingling pulsed at each area that struck and I was reminded of a long ago bicycle accident. Except this was not an accident. My jaw had jammed shut at the moment of impact and I felt a faraway ringing my ears. I was stupefied. ...more

A Trip to China: Final Installment

So as you know, after a few erm, technical hitches (ok, I missed my bloody flight), I finally managed to get myself from Guangzhou to Beijing by taking the train which was a very different affair from taking a train in England. It was on-time for a start. And it was fast... very fast. And it was cheap. And if that wasn't enough, the cup of green tea that I ordered from the buffet car was drinkable. So by the time I got to Beijing I was feeling pretty relaxed in readiness for the final leg of my journey the next day. ...more

Plagiarism on the Web: Emotional Reactions to Content Theft

Imagine finishing off a very emotional post, connecting to community and releasing all of those thoughts by hitting publish. And then imagine finding your words recopied -- stolen -- on another site. The daily scraping performed by bots can be side-stepped by publishing a partial feed, but there is nothing to stop another person from hand-copying your posts, changing a few names, and then creating a fictional life, cannibalized from numerous blogs on the Internet. Which is what over 20 bloggers discovered when they found such a site at the end of last week. ...more
 @yafacio it does come back around.  Years ago I had a successful small manufacturing business, ...more

Ethical Dilemma: Criminal Shopping?

Well, you should try it. No one ever has to know. A bunch of us do it every once in a while. And if you don't get too greedy, no one ever has to know. Is it wrong? Well, in the pure sense, sure -- but it isn't right that we have to work these insane hours either, and other jobs are not so easy to find these days. Besides, everyone hedges their expense reports somehow. ...more

I once worked with my good friend at a hotel where she was a sales and travel manager. She would ...more

Safety Tips for The Holidays

Shopping Safety Tips ...more


I can now say with total, complete and utter sincerity that in this town, if a person finds a car that can get them from point A to point B, it's drivable. In my 11 years in L.A. I have seen cars with more duct tape on them than a kidnap victim. I've seen some held together with nothing more than glue and a daily prayer to God that the f*@er will still turn over. ...more

Can't believe it could happen to me

So I've been contemplating all day and trying to think of ways to make me feel better and decided why not write it out and tell a story.  why the hell not.. I haven't blogged in awhile :-) ...more