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Aboriginal Art: My Therapist made me do it.

So it’s no secret I have massive anxiety- both situational and generalized. To the point of panic. It started when I was still married to my ex husband AKA my own personal terrorist. Kind of like a body guard only the exact opposite....more

3 Steps Out Of Your Hidden Depression

I have been writing about hidden depression.The person who no one would suspect, behind those smiling eyes and cheerful, "Good morning!" was thinking of driving off the road.  If it weren't for her kids. Or his family.What a horrible way to live....more

Changing our Behavior by Changing our Thoughts—Cognitive Behavior Therapy

It is a well-established medical fact that repetitive motion causes injury to the joints, tendons and muscles involved in the movement. Repetitive negative thinking causes injury to our psyche and, ultimately, our overall health, leading to depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, and disorders such as sleep and eating disorders, drug dependence/abuse, and illnesses....more

My Therapist Can Talk To Animals- Part 1

Last Fall, my depression got so unbearable that I finished a quest I started nearly three years prior to get a referral to a civilian psychiatrist. My husband is a military psychiatrist and we felt it best I didn't visit his colleagues for my mental health care at the military hospital where our insurance prefers we go for care. I was so desperate for help that when the referral incorrectly placed me with a psychologist, rather than psychiatrist, I called and made the appointment anyway....more
More, more! I want to know if your cat stopped peeing outside the litter box! And if you kept ...more

Therapy Shmerapy

That would have been my response just one short year ago to the suggestion that perhaps I should seek professional help because I have some tough shit to deal with. "Oh, therapy shmerapy! I don't need no stinking therapy! I'm fiiiiine!" Uh hu. There is this stigma attached to asking for help. To admitting when you need help. There is also our own pride to contend with....more

It Was Time to Begin Therapy

I had held out long enough. Been stubborn stoic long enough.It was time to admit that I needed professional help.I guess.__________Do I have to?::balls up fists and stomps foot::I should be strong enough to handle my life, dammit! I'm not the only person in the world with problems. I'm not the only one carrying a heavy load.I deal. I cope. I cry and laugh. I find the good and positive amidst the crap....more

If you want a left brain response, you have to start with the right brain

If you want a left brain response, you have to start with the right brain! There are days when I just want to lock myself in a closet; when there are a million things going on, and I'm feeling like gumby... being pulled in 10 different directions. Today is one of those days. ...more

Book Love

 Are you a passionate reader like me?...more

Blue Paint