Unhappy Mother's Day: My Mom Was Abusive

At a time of year when most of my writer friends are lamenting over beautiful memories with their mom, I sit here with a heavy heart. My own mother and I have had a rocky relationship. There were times when I couldn’t stand to speak to her. She probably wasn’t real crazy about me at times either. My mother was abused as a child by her own mother, GrammaDearest. Severely. And my mother in turn was abusive to us....more
My mother was highly abusive, often hitting me in the face with the shoes she walked on the ...more

Angry Shrink #3: Sometimes people are awful

 Today I find myself thinking back to some truly remarkably obnoxious incidents I've had with parents. With fathers, actually. For some reason I've had good luck with mothers. I suspect it's because women don't feel the need to assert any sort of power or aggression over me. They get that I'm just doing my job....more