2015 Summer Bucket List

I love summer. Even when it's excruciatingly hot, summer is my jam. As Olaf says, "I've always loved the idea of summer, and sun, and all things hot..." Love that little snowman....more

24 Hours in Portland – How Much Can You Eat & Drink?

It is hard not to think of food when thinking about Portland. Before I even knew that I would go and visit Portland I already heard about its food-obsession. Having arrived on the foodie world map a few years ago I was curious to explore every little part of it. I currently live in Hong Kong where local food is rare and molecular cuisine is often favoured over slow cooking organic meals. Yet another reason to be super excited to visit one of the if not even the best destination for food lovers in the Pacific Northwest....more

Fun with child included at SeaWorld San Antonio

Where in the World….in the Sea do I begin!? How about Sea World + Aquatica-San Antonio, Texas. It had to have a zip code of its’ own. There must be a whole city dedicated to the park alone.  Exciting, adventurous, time and money well spent. It was a day of exhilarating amusement that stimulated all of our senses in something educational as well as fun! Stupendous performances that blows life into your appreciation for the sea and sea life. ...more

Looking Forward, Thinking Back

   Goodbye 2012...more

10 Things You Can Do When Business Slows at the Holidays

For many small and solo business owners (especially service based businesses), the holidays are a time when things slow down. So, how can you make the most productive use of this time? ...more
L.O.V.E. this!  Passing on to my team :-)more

Visitor’s guide to San Jose, California

San Jose, CA, USA So let us assume for a moment that you are not a video game and / or D&D junkie (and you remember things like corkscrews when bringing over bottles of wine to your friend’s house). Barring that, what does one do for amusement in Greg’s home town? ...more

Things to do in Denver

Denver is an amazing city and the capital city of Colorado. This city is extremely beautiful with the Rocky Mountains forming to be the background. There are a number of places and many things to do in Denver. Some of the interesting things to do in Denver is to sightsee the place. There are a number of places where you can visit and know more about the city....more

Hi, there, I'm looking for bloggers to cover charity and cultural events, boutiques, ...more

Things to do in Orlando

There is always somethings to do in Orlando if you're a newbie or a regular on the scene.The Walt Disney World: Spread over the size of a small city it a wonder in itself. It brings back the memories of growing up as you yell like a little girl while enjoying the many fun filled activities to be uncovered at the theme world....more

Nothing Feels Better Than Family

2008 was a hard year for millions of people.  Many of us probably are still struggling with finances and wondering if our jobs are safe. What better time is it to reconnect with our families?  Spend more time at home playing games with your kids or just go for a walk with them.   Read books, go outside or just ’hang out’ with them?  What would your children say to you if you were 100% there for them with no distractions?  ...more

The Power of a Shared Laugh

Happy Saturday! ...more