Conversations with Charlie - Charlie-isms

 All kids say cute and funny things. Charlie is no exception as my many “Conversations with Charlie” posts prove. Here are some random things that Charlie has said in the last month or so. While sitting on my lap – “Mommy, your lap is so comfortable but slippery”  (as he slid off when I moved)“When was the last time Max brushed his teeth? His nose smells like rotten pickles.”When my dad told Charlie “See ya later alligator”, Charlie responded “See ya later crocodile”.“Jinx! Pinch, Poke, you owe me a soda!”...more

Conversations with Charlie - Jello

I’ve been making a lot of sugar free Jello this summer.  It’s 0 PointsPlusValue (PPV) and even the regular Jello is only 2 PPV per serving. Charlie loves it and it satisfies my cravings for something sweet.Charlie – Mommy, who eats the yellow Jello?Me – what?C – Who eats the yellow Jello?M – um….I don’t know know. Why do you ask?...more

What I Would Do for a Glass Bubble

My daughter is an alien....more
Oh, it really does. I'm sure it is far more difficult for us than it is for them. I mean, we ...more

I Wish...The Things Kids Say and We Wish They Could Take Back

I've hemmed and hawed for the last two hours over whether or not to write about what happened to me tonight, and while I probably shouldn't do it, I'm going to anyway. Because I know writing it down will make me feel better. And because (I hope) my mom and mother-in-law and friends with kids will comment and tell me that their kids have done the same thing to them and that they got over it.My husband Tom had to work late tonight - so goes the beginning (and the middle and the end) of the university semester. As a treat for the kids, who were missing their dad, we......more

From the Mouths of Babes... {Wednesday Words of Wisdom w/ Linky}

 Children see the world in a completely different way than we do.Unfettered by experience, stereotypes, expectations, and rules, they see what we can not....more

Words are Power

"I don't want you to be my Daddy anymore." Charlie is beginning to realize words have power. He is doing what all kids do at his age, poking at his parents to see what words trigger certain reactions.  Charlie was mad Daddy wouldn't give him what he wanted. I don't remember exactly what since this happened a few weeks ago. I do know my husband overreacted. Hubby took Charlie's statement very personally. It brought up all of Hubby's insecurities and doubts regarding his parenting skills. It brought up irrational fears regarding Charlie's birth parents for my husband. ...more
Hearing difficult words from our kids is one of the hard parts of parenting. Our sons are ...more

Conversations with Charlie - How Toys Get Made

Today we were headed to Wal*Mart to return some duplicate birthday gifts. Last night and this morning Charlie has been planning and plotting what toys he wanted to get instead. We are now the proud owners of Kung Zhu Battle Arena with 2 extra training ground addons plus a third Ninja hamster complete with armor....more

Conversations with Charlie

Conversations with Charlie are usually interesting since he is almost 6 years old. The boy never quits talking especially in the car. Here is an example of a conversation we had a week ago while running errands. Charlie - Mommy, look! Look! There's a squirrel sleeping in the middle of the road. Did you see him Mommy?Me - Um, no, I didn't see the squirrel....more

Young Love

My son is cute, handsome even. I know that and apparently so does every little girl in a 5 mile radius. Last year at Pre-K all the moms told me how much the girls in the class just adored Kiddo. They were all over my little boy. Kiddo, on the other hand, had no clue there were even girls in the class. Girls just weren't on his radar. ...more

I love this! My son is 3 and is very much devoted to a 6 year old girl named Maya. This has been ...more