On Dangerous Drug Victims: What Jeffrey Phillips Think

 Quite a lot of people resort to medications when troubled by an ailment or the other. These drugs are essentially needed to alleviate the symptoms of the illness and relieve the pains and suffering of the patients. However, there are times when drugs originally designed to restore people to normal health end up complicating their health troubles. Year after year, there are reports of consumers suffering various harms brought about by the drug that was supposed to heal them. These side effects could come in form of internal bleeding, blood clots, heart attack, rashes etc....more

The Most Elaboratist Non-Favoritist

I thought I would elaborate on my lack of a most elaborate meal.I put a lot of thought into what I eat, but usually it’s simple and nutritious. Perhaps a little bit exotic with my love for Asian food, especially Thai but also Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Vietnamese. Italian too.The most elaborate is really a difficult thing to think about. It feels like the “favorite” question. That question always gets me. Favorite depends on so many factors. I really don’t have a favorite of all time for anything that I can think of....more

Running Rogue

It is with some embarrassment that I want relay a story of how I lost of my car and temporarily, it appears, my mental capacity. Recently, I went into the driveway with my cars keys in hand and found my car missing. I was shocked. First of all, I had not heard any suspicious noises and second, who would want to steal my car? I will spare you great details but my car is by no standards flashy or fast, which is exactly what my husband pointed out when I called him....more

Thinking about Thinking - The Genius of a Kid

My child went totally philosophically meta on my yesterday. I was sitting outside, thinking about dull, adult things, sipping on my mundane Gatorade, and she came out to see me. And out of nowhere, she asked me this question:"Mom," she said, "I'm thinking about thinking bubbles."Mmhmm, I murmured, not particularly paying attention."Does that mean I have a thinking bubble inside my thinking bubble?"...more

Thrilling Thursday - Thinking in Someone Else's Shoes

Thrilling Thursday - sometimes it is thrilling to think inside someone else's shoes.Every Thursday throughout the month of August the Thrilling Thursday posts have been about thinking differently. Today's post is about thinking inside someone else's shoes....more

Have you ever done this?

Last night at 1:30 a.m. after playing with Baby Darling—we made dragon’s houses, caterpillar houses, read three books, and after Baby D ran into the kitchen to tell me he had just peed in the potty chair, and washed his hands all by himself, I raved and said good night and dug something out of the refrigerator.I poured myself a shot of tequila, ate radishes with peanut butter, licked salt off my hand, drank a swig of tequila, bit a lime, topped it off with a few potato chips, and staggered off to bed thinking to myself, Maybe I’ve died and don’t know it yet....more

Freedm Dinner

Trying to figure out what to have for dinner tonight with Red Sox Fan.  "What should we have for dins?"  "I don't know."  ...more

Ulysses: A Dapper Dan Kind of Man

O Brother Where Art Thou begins with the claim that it's based on Homer's Odyssey....more

Christmas A@@hole

LOL! It`s the perfect reminder to take it easy over the holidays and have fun! I would much ...more

Mer-People Can Be Beautiful Too

I finally have my Christmas tree up and all (well, most) of the presents wrapped.  It's an eclectic mix of things.  Some people, I know, go for themes in their decorations: blue and silver, or all snowmen, or Santa Clauses, or maybe glittery mer-people....more
@Jane Miller The perfect Christmas decoration ;)more