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The Best, Cutting Edge Treatments For Thinning Hair

Realizing that you have thinning hair can be quite devastating and anxiety producing. And who can blame you? Hair, after all is our crowning glory. A head full of thick, lush hair is sexy. It is associated with good health and of course, youth. If you have been dreaming of reclaiming the hair you once had, read on. There are things you can do to recapture those glory days. The sooner hair thinning is addressed, the better your chances of treating it successfully. ...more
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Hair, or the lack thereof

Not wanting to be seen by anyone I knew, I ducked into a store quite a distance from our house, heading straight for the product I sought. I had been eyeing it for years, but until this moment, couldn't rouse the courage to actually buy it. Tucking the box under my arm so the name wasn't obvious, I grabbed a few more items to further hide it and headed to check-out, trying to act nonchalant about my purchase...Tom was cutting my hair. He would touch a section with scissors and then pull back, comb another section, let it fall.I sensed his frustration. "What is it?"...more
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The Bald View From Above

You know for a fact you’ve gained 15 lbs this year, but according to your friends, they don’t see your wardrobe tightening around you (yeah right!).  Or your hair is thinning to the point you see your scalp gleaming through in the mirror.  Maybe you have bald spots so large or so numerous that you can feel the sun and wind reaching for them.  But according to everyone else, they’re not there, not visib...more

Does "ShenMin" Mean "Desperate Fool" in Chinese?

Tired of having clumps of my own hair in my drain, on my floor and in my hands, I decided to take instead, matters into my hands and investigate herbal supplements to stop the mass follicle evacuation. What I settled on was an herbal supplement called "Shen Min." ...more