I am not completely myself...

     As we round into the 3rd level of hell trimester, I have finally come to the realization that I am really not myself.  Not even close.  There are echos of my former humanity rattling around in here somewhere but that is all they are.... echos.  I have become...  THE INCUBATOR or THE GREAT GASPY or A WHALE CALLED SYNNØVE .. just pick one and run with it.  It's not like I can... run, that is......more

Third Trimester of Pregnancy Necessities

As I’m getting to the end of this pregnancy, I’m realizing the rumors are true: the last few weeks are the hardest. You do get anxious about meeting the little babe. Your body is more sore and uncomfortable than it ever was before. And no matter how much resolve you have, your overly extended body will be more exhausted than it has throughout your entire pregnancy – even those pukey weeks in the first trimester....more