It's time to go home, wherever that is.

I'm a full-time grad student lucky enough to have my own studio apartment, courtesy of my University job. I decided that some time at home with my family was needed, and verbally committed to spending the week of Christmas at my mom & dad's house. Normally, this would be stressful. (Trust me, it has been at times.) However, I was looking forward to homecooking, family time, and cuddling with my dog, a lot....more

The Extra Wheel

Urban Dictionary Definition #1 of Third Wheel: One who deters the socialization of a couple, perhaps when being invited out of pity or through a feeling of duty. And Numero 6: That one person that does not belong. Just last week I learned I didn't belong when it came to a birthday celebration dinner for one of my closest friends....more

Be the Wheel - The Third Wheel, that is.

Before I moved to Los Angeles, I had been single maybe a grand collective total of two years since I was 14. After arriving in Los Angeles, I did the Big S for about five years, dating on and off. During that time, my favorite thing to do was to hang out in mixed groups - co-ed and single/coupled. Because then it's about having fun, more than it is about dating. And if I'm the one person who causes a group to be so mixed, than mixed it is, even if only by my presence. Single? Have friends that aren't? Might I suggest you get down with embracing "The Third Wheel"? ...more

Vered - Certainly I think some people show restraint in mixed groups simply out of a sense of ...more