Black History Month: Living American History Through My Family Tree

Like many, I grew up hearing stories about my family's history. I have a few ancestors whose stories live in history books and who are studied by scholars to this day. There are institutions and organizations named for them. These family stories provide a perfect example of how African American history is American history and another reason why Black History Month still matters. ...more

Thank you, HoboMama for your comment and kind words! William and Ellen were amazing - if their ...more

Celebrating Christmas: The Plastic Reindeer Rule; Analysis of Lynch v. Donnelly

A Season's Greeting I celebrate Christmas. And I love everything about this holiday. I love getting our Christmas tree from the same tree guy every year....more

Marriage: Keeping it in the Family

  February 23, 1903, the day after John Fox and Jessie Tuttle's wedding day After consummating...more

Sappho Speaks: The Road Back To Religion and Agnosticism

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Pulitzer News Flash- The Prize Goes to Sally Hemings

As journalists around the world rush to see who's just been awarded the Pulitzer Prize, WVFC's eye was drawn by one non-journo on the list. ...more

Politically Correct or Common Courtesy

A fellow Twitterer and I had a bit of a discussion the other day regarding the reasoning behind Spring Break now being referred to as Spring Break and no longer being called Easter Break. ...more