Black History Month: Living American History Through My Family Tree

Like many, I grew up hearing stories about my family's history. I have a few ancestors whose stories live in history books and who are studied by scholars to this day. There are institutions and organizations named for them. These family stories provide a perfect example of how African American history is American history and another reason why Black History Month still matters. ...more
I loved reading this, Maria.  I'm always impressed when people know their family's stories and ...more

Quick Question: What are We Celebrating Today?

Thomas JeffersonIt's the 4th of July!  A big holiday, with most people not working, with lots of us going on picnics, parties, and maybe even going to watch some firew...more

Celebrating Christmas: The Plastic Reindeer Rule; Analysis of Lynch v. Donnelly

A Season's Greeting I celebrate Christmas. And I love everything about this holiday. I love getting our Christmas tree from the same tree guy every year....more

Marriage: Keeping it in the Family

  February 23, 1903, the day after John Fox and Jessie Tuttle's wedding day After consummating...more

Sappho Speaks: The Road Back To Religion and Agnosticism

What Would Sappho Say?Lectori Salutem! or L.S. (Greetings to the Reader!)...more

Pulitzer News Flash- The Prize Goes to Sally Hemings

As journalists around the world rush to see who's just been awarded the Pulitzer Prize, WVFC's eye was drawn by one non-journo on the list. ...more

Politically Correct or Common Courtesy

A fellow Twitterer and I had a bit of a discussion the other day regarding the reasoning behind Spring Break now being referred to as Spring Break and no longer being called Easter Break. ...more