What thoughts do you need to disentangle? Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

If You Feel Envious, Remember This First

Envy is an ugly word. No one ever wants to admit they feel it. But sometimes it is irresistible, even if we don't talk about it to others....more
Oh Gosh I envy so much, people, things, you name it and I want it. Some of the things I realize ...more

What Are We Thinking?

What exactly goes on in the minds of those crusading against something - or the other?What goes on in the minds of film makers who are busy panning up and down the item girl's leg in an attempt to distract the hapless audience from a non existent story line?What goes on in the minds of the audience paying for that PVR ticket to watch 2 and half hours of trash, only to come outside and watch for expressions before delivering the verdict?...more

Your Dream Is a Radio Station: What Station Are You On?

I'm constantly working on monitoring my thoughts: trying to maintain focus on feeling as if I am already where I want to be, while fending off pesky thoughts of what I don't want. Anyone who has ever tried to do this knows it is very challenging, but can be fun with the right approach.The Importance of Feeling GoodYou know the feeling: you had a tense conversation with a co-worker earlier that day (or week), or received a tense email, and can't help yourself from replaying it and what you might have said or will say next time over and over in your mind. If asked, you might admit that more tense situations aren't exactly what you want to experience, but, even so, continue to replay similar scenarios over and over in monkey mind format.I was fortunate to pick up a copy of Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks last week. I first learned about Esther Hicks several years ago from a friend who was hooked on her YouTube videos. The Hicks' teachings can be thought of as a prequel to "The Secret," with a twist that I can only suspect most people today would find unbelievable. I honestly didn't get it, and found it to be kind of "weird," even though I am usually into that sort of thing. So I never really pursued the videos very far nor had I read any the Hicks' many books.The book starts out with an overview of how Esther Hicks got where she is. After reading, I kinda get it. I will leave it at that, because I understand that it is probably seen as uber weird, and I don't want to seem like more of a weirdo than I already do! I recommend checking out one of their books or looking them up online to see for yourself.Weirdness aside, the book is amazing! It is helping me to reel in any negative emotions at once, as soon as they start, because that is simply not what I want to create in my future (or present, for that matter). I haven't finished the book, but I can safely say that the biggest lesson I have learned is that feeling good is the most important thing I can do.I know that might seem selfish, but I don't think so. By being a person who is highly focused on feeling good, you are able to help the people around you feel good, and are far more likely to help distant people feel good than if you were feeling bad, not to mention that feeling good is more likely to lead to choices that activate more positive situations for others as well. What could be selfish about that?...more
Your right sometimes we need our "radio station" to play happy thoughts...January is an ...more

A Breather + Up Next + Thoughts

This is going to be a bit of a NaBloPoMo cop-out, but after yesterday’s exciting post, I think we all need a minute to regroup. So, I’m just going to say thanks to Ali for writing about her personal struggle with the decision to have or not have a child. It was really wonderful to see so many stories and respectful opinions shared in the comments. This is what I love about blogs....more

Why I Keep My Opinions to Myself

I live life on the sidelines when it comes to voicing my opinions. I feel strongly and passionately about everything: politics, religion, family, relationships and the nooks and crannies in between. I don’t, however, feel passionately about sharing these thoughts with everyone. Does that mean I will fall for everything, because I stand for nothing, as some say? Does that make others think I am less intelligent than they are? Or worse, am I not even a blip on the radar because people think I have nothing real to say?...more

Attempt To Move On

In the time you are with someone you love, it can be one of the best things you could feel in life until one single moment that changes everything you thought you had.  Betrayal of a lover that you never thought could happen because of the love you have for each other. You begin to feel that this person you once knew is not the person you fell in love with. You feel as if you are laying next to a stranger. No matter the level of betrayal it still causes pain. Pain that can make your mind wonder if anything that you had with the person was real....more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Do I Make a Difference?

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Do I Make a Difference? One thing I've been struggling with as a blogger, as an employee and as a person in general is "Do I Make a Difference?" I'm sure it's something that lots of people think about it...and maybe I think about it more than the normal person....more

Afterthought Contemplation on Letting Go

Letting go is hard. Letting go of our old stories, lies we've told ourselves, lies others have led us to believe and pain we wished would go, but clings on defiantly. Resistance is a natural response when we have become so used to self-sabotage and habits we've fallen into. I think the words in this image represent how hard it can be to get past difficult times in our lives. I also think it can teach us that in facing resistance and taking back our power, we can let go of fear....more

Body Image Issues

BlogHer November Prompts: Day 6Wednesday, November 6, 2013If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?————————————-...more