Top 10 Best Things About Being a Blogger

 Recently, I was asked by a friend of mine to tell her what my favourite things about being a blogger were. So, naturally, I decided to turn the question into a blog post....more


“It’s not about the food”.But it is.It may not begin that way, but slowly it becomes a way to cope.Control.It’s about the control.No matter how much you try to deny it.Things change whether you want them to, or not.Peter Pan used to visit me I my dreams.Beckoning me to take the second star on the right.“And straight on till morning.”I dreamt of growing up.Until I saw through the fog.Then I knew, but now there was no going back.Neverland became a place inside me.One where I hid away....more

You're Suppose to Write

4320 minutes of nothing

Freddie was gone this past weekend. For a boy's weekend/fantasy baseball team/league/whatever it's called trip.  Is it called a fantasy team or fantasy league? Why don't I know this?  Anyways, I had the best plans for when he was out of town. The best! I started by going over to Trader Joe's to stock up on wine, and I left with wine, oatmeal, raspberries, and cheese....more

when coffee shops become the new bars

My Friday night this past Friday was pretty rockin'. (In case you were wondering, but of course you were wondering.) Want to know what went down? I'll start at the very beginning.  ... No, that's too long....more

ten on tues

This past weekend was a doozy. Want to know why? Because I got my first sunburn of 2016.  Isn't that so special?! It's like a baby's first steps or a child's first day of school. My very first sunburn of the year! Where's my mom to take a picture and brag about my sunburn accomplishment on her Facebook? Oh wait, I'm an adult so am I supposed to brag about myself on Facebook?...more

bowl cut babes

I'm sure by now that most of you know that Freddie is a twin (and by now you also know that Ricky and Freddie are the same person).  Meet Jimmie, Freddie's twin....more

currently: the christmas songs edition

sending //...more

on baby showers and babies

I was at a baby shower this weekend. Let me rephrase that: I was at a baby shower/dinner party/shindig/gathering of the year/feast extraordinaire this weekend. Our good friends are expecting their first baby in March, and I got to spend the evening on Saturday celebrating them and their probably/most definitely best/most awesome baby of 2016 baby....more

lessons from emily

It's been 70 degrees here in the past couple of days. Not like a warm 70, but a crisp, cool 70.  Does that make sense? We were walking the dog yesterday and Freddie was making fun of me for wearing a jacket when it was 70 outside. I had to explain that 70 degrees can feel very different. A low of 70 is one thing and that one thing is warm. A high of 70 is a tad different....more