Whip Bang! My First Experience With Facial Threading

 The baby soft smoothness just jumps right off the page at you, ‘eh?...more
@diasaph I love the "caterpillars" :)  I have never waxed before and thought I should try it ...more

Do Your Eyebrows Need an Update?

I don't know what it is about baby boomers -- maybe it was all the acid -- but a lot of them haven't realized that shaping and grooming your eyebrows will take 10 years off your face. I'm about to head to my 30th college reunion, and I'm already cringing over what I'm going to see -- a bunch of unshaped, heavy caterpillar eyebrows. Think Susan Boyle ... but without the voice.Eyebrows circa 2010...more

Gorgeous eyebrow goodies!

One Friday ...more

Eyebrow maintenance and upkeep, or: How not to look like Bert from Sesame Street

My eyebrows have been the source of much grief in my life. You see, for many of my formative years, my parents--who are generally lovely people--neglected to inform me that I had one singular bushy eyebrow atop my forehead, giving me the ever-popular look of a Cro-Magnon teen, or the long-lost sister of Bert from Sesame Street. Oh, you think I'm kidding, do you? I ASSURE YOU I AM NOT.   Seriously. Not kidding.   ...more

I can not tell you how many of my male friends are obsessing over their eyebrows.

I use ...more


This weekend I am doing some much needed self maintenance. As you have seen I have dark hair and lots of it. I have bushy brows and a ... um ... mustache. Not like a man-stache. Just thicker, darker peach fuzz that grows on my upper lip. Because of my dark skin having this extra hair on my face makes my appearance look dirty. ...more