'Project Runway' Alum Gehlhausen to Appear at THREAD

More often than not, the 45-year-old owner of the downtown boutique Goga turned out perfectly constructed, wearable, stunning garments; and more often than not, she was cast aside by judges. Finally, showing what was, arguably, the best of the designs on the runway during the final challenge, Gehlhausen was eliminated, one challenge short of showing at Fashion Week. Now, Gehlhausen is back in San Diego, focused on her designs and her boutique, optimistic about the future and looking forward to a weekend appearance at THREAD....more

Making It Work: The Wardrobe Refashioning Pledge

Wardrobe Refashion has begun a new round with new pledgers. Talk about New Year's Resolutions!  Refashionistas take the pledge for 2 to 6 months, with the option of renewing their pledge when the time expires. What does this really mean, though?  This means that these pledgers will be taking the clothes they already own.. perhaps a dress that isn't in style anymoreand re-working it to make something that is wearable today.  That dress?  They may: ...more


I found a great photo of Laurie in one of her new sweaters. I'm not sharing it now, ...more