The End - Part Four

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If You Do That One More Time, I'll Do Absolutely Nothing

The First Rule of Parenting is: "Thou shalt not judge other parents." It is, of course, broken with impunity by... oh, everyone. Including me, as I proceed to Rule #2: "Thou shalt not make a threat thou ist not prepared to follow through on."Bad Shakespearean-ese aside, why do people do that? "If you don't eat your dinner you'll get no dessert!" Except that you're out at a restaurant and you want dessert, and you'll look like the world's worst schmuck if you get a brownie sundae and your kid sits there watching you eat it through teary eyes, so you get him dessert anyway....more
Hee, ThatAnneGirl. I have yet to bring them on a plane -- the thought terrifies me -- but I ...more

Finding my Voice...and I'm Frustrated, Scared and Mad

So, I kept putting off a new blog.  I started to let the thoughts of "no one really cares about what is going on in my life but me" stop me each time I had a new idea.  It's true.  I'm not that interesting.  My life probably mirrors many other people's lives out there, but I do have a couple of things I am passionate enough about to start bringing to light....more

I really appreciate that quote. I had not known about the Earth documentary! But I am not ...more

A Security Threat at my kids High School..Would you send your child?

A blog about a bomb threat…. ...more

School's Out -- of Control

"Johnny's parents don't want his first-grade teachers packing heat." A Medford high school teacher is arguing she has the right to carry a concealed semiautomatic pistol to her classes to protect herself from a violent ex-husband in a case certain to set off alarm bells in schools across the state ...more