The life of a thrift store addict

I remember being very young, maybe 7 or 8 years old, complaining and trudging all the way through a thrift store with my stepmother as she shopped for second hand items. I used to absolutely "hate" going to these stores. "Why can't you just be normal and shop at Walmart, Meijers or any other store besides these dumb stores?...more

7 steps to a thrift store Halloween costume

I love dressing up for Halloween. The more ridiculous, the better. I’ve been everything from Richard Simmons (I looked good with my drawn on chest hair), to a pregnant nun....more

Making Over 2 Thrift Store Lamps

The better title for this post would have been: Making over 2 Thrift Store Lamps, Googling “Why doesn’t my lampshade fit my lamp”, “How do I make my lampshade fit my lamp”, “What the heck is a Slip Uno Adapter” and “How do I know what kind of fitter is on my lampshade”… then finally finding something at Home Depot to MAKE IT WORK Tim Gunn-style.That might have been a teensy bit of overkill though…It all started with these:...more


When I bought this "secretary desk" at a thrift store...I wish I had taken before and after pictures.....the bottom had cheap, paneling sliding doors in it. We took those off and built country chicken wire doors. I love this piece. Best of all, it cost $8.00!...more
OH, Reda, it is BEAUTIFUL! I so want one. You've got yourself a great find. Hubby and I have a ...more

Challenge 2012: A Second-Hand Year

2012 is almost upon us and I know I am not the only one clinging to hope for the new year, desperately dreaming of the things that may come.  For me, the year holds exciting plans: moving in with my sister, travelling for clinical rotations for school, a white-coat ceremony where I get to finally feel like a doctor, and potentially even an engagement and wedding planning! ( 26, this bloggirl is still a little superstitious).  ...more
Great post! We're curious what inspired you to make this commitment in the midst of what sounds ...more

Thrift Store Shopaholic

I have a confession. I rarely set foot in real stores, yet my closets and drawers are overflowing. I was forced to buy two packs of hangers last week and cleared out the guest room closet to handle the overflow. My Kiddo has a wardrobe stocked with the next two sizes up just waiting for him to grow into. And I would rather slit my wrists than pay retail. ...more
I love thrift store shopping too. Growing up, our family had very  little money. Thrift stores, ...more

fun and frugal - what more could you want?

Arctic Circle by Alex Hallatt ♦ ♦ ♦ And if that's not enough for all of you, my favored readers I give you this... ...more