THrifty Thursday No. 1 / Come on a virtual thrifting spree with me!

I love thrift shopping so so SO much. Browsing the rows and racks of unique items and coming across beautiful, vintage, and straight up weird finds makes me euphoric. It's like a thrifting high. Today I went on a pretty fantastic thrift shopping excursion and have plenty of pictures to prove it. Are you ready to follow me on my super exciting, retro-tastic thrifting adventure? Yes?...more

4 Reasons Why You Should Be A Thrifter

Hi guys! So this post is going out to everyone and anyone who shops. So yes, basically this post is for YOU :)Just a brief description of the word Thrift, the quality of using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.So there you have it! Pretty much sums up my post haha. Well no. I shall elaborate more....more

8 Things You Should Always Consider Buying From the Thrift Store

TataS ome people have weird hang ups about thrifts stores, but I don’t. I cannot tell you how many times people have looked at me bewildered when I’ve mentioned thrifting. I think they equate shopping at the thrift store with being poor and that’s not always the case. I shopped at the thrift store when I had nothing in college and I still shop there now. Here is a list of 8 things you should consider buying from the thrift store.   ...more

How to Make the Most of Your Thrift Store Shopping

All of my friends know me well, so when I call and say, "Hey, you want to go out tomorrow?" they know that equates to giddily perusing though several thrift stores, hitting yard sales, or picking up stuff from Freecycle. Some decline unless I include lunch; others are as game as I am. ...more
Our Goodwill has very good prices. Salvation Army seems to me the pricey one here. Thanks for ...more

Top 10: Treasure Hunting in Silicon Valley

Top 10: Treasure Hunting in Silicon ValleyThese are my top 10 places to treasure hunt.  Where do you treasure hunt?...more

My Thrifting Scores from the Weekend!

This weekend I had a moment where I needed to escape the four walls of the house and venture out into the neighboring town of Madison, Georgia.  Madison is a old Antebellum community filled with some of the most beautiful homes anyone has ever laid their eyes on.  They have a thriving town square with great little restaurants and shops.  Andersen and I had a wonderful afternoon shopping and enjoying lunch at a wonderful little Bistro called Perk Avenue....more

Tulip Twist: The Home Tee.

Fashion remixing is my jam. Repurposing an item not only drives down the cost-per-wear, but you get bonus style points for being able to wear the same piece at the office, casually on the weekend, and dressed up for a girl’s night. Anyone can take an outfit off a mannequin and look put-together; real style is breaking those looks apart and coming up with your own versions....more

Save Your Money - Buy Used!

He pulled the jeans from the rack and waved me over. "Look!" he said, holding out the tag with an outrageous $175 original price. Boys size 7....more

Junking, Paul Anka,and A Spot of Tea

“I’m a woman, Mary. I can be as contrary as I choose.”~Lady Grantham -Downton Abbey My guilty pleasure (along with Hagaan- Das, Anthropologie, and laying in the sun) is thrifting. One of my friends calls it junking and another calls it ‘antiquing’...more