Save Your Money - Buy Used!

He pulled the jeans from the rack and waved me over. "Look!" he said, holding out the tag with an outrageous $175 original price. Boys size 7....more

Junking, Paul Anka,and A Spot of Tea

“I’m a woman, Mary. I can be as contrary as I choose.”~Lady Grantham -Downton Abbey My guilty pleasure (along with Hagaan- Das, Anthropologie, and laying in the sun) is thrifting. One of my friends calls it junking and another calls it ‘antiquing’...more

Rusty Vintage Shabby Decor

A love of old, vintage, shabby, rustic (and rusty!), furniture, decorating and crafts. I love to collect vintage items that interest me and I like to refurbish furniture to give it a new life.  Roosters and chickens are another favorite of mine, as well as gardening and creating garden art from thrift store finds, especially plates and glassware. It's hard to pass a thrift store - my favorite shopping experience!  I like to sew, but I'm not a seamstress - simple sewing projects appeal too me. I'm a country girl at heart, and always will be! ...more

Brimfield, here we come!

Linda@nothingbutblueskyes ...more

Emotional Rescue - RSPCA Society Store Mirrabooka Review

In a sea of op shops assisting the less fortunate of the human-kind, it’s really great that our hearts are open to helping the less fortunate of the furry-kind.  That's why I'm a big fan of the RSPCA op shop in Mirrabooka and why I always try and stop in for a visit when I'm around that general area....more

6 Things You Shouldn't Buy Used

Being the frugal girl that I am, I love to score a deal on used items whenever possible. But even a money saver like me recognizes that new goods have their place. Here are six things that are a better bargain when you buy them brand new. ...more
I'd add used shoes to your list. Too many unknowns about other people's feet. more

Part 1 of a Thriftista series: Thrift shopping & selling

Many thrift stores also have a great furniture selection. It may not be in mint condition, but ...more

Thrift Score! Thrifting for the Holidays? You Bet.

Really? I hear you asking. Thrifting for holiday gifts? Yes, friends, absolutely. It just depends on how you approach it. There is a huge push in Western consumer culture to buy something new, flawless, in the package (gee, who taught us that? The corporations perhaps?) but there is a lot of treasure out there. You can be green and reuse/repurpose, and stretch your gift-giving dollar as well. ...more

My husband and I got a great rug, I got half my winter sweaters, a cool scarf, a couple pairs ...more