DIY Dry Erase Calendar

    My husband has the worst memory of anyone I know....more
thank you! This is probably my favorite (and cheapest) household project to date! Everyone who ...more

Thrift store finds... we went to the thrift store.  I went specifically with high hopes that I would miraculously score a sweet mid-century upholstered chair like this one...but, not surprisingly, no such luck!  How do other people get so lucky with that stuff?!  ...more
"How do other people get so lucky with that stuff?!  "  YOU are one of those people!  That ...more

The Eve of Change

Things are about to change...Alright, Christmas gift cards have been spent- mostly the one I had to kohl's because I couldn't think of anything I would buy there during the year that I wouldn't feel like it was "cheating."  Instead I spent it on athletic-wear so I can continue my every-year resolution of working out more without wearing someone else's sweat-clothes (skeevy)....more

What to Do With All Those Books?

I am a big fan of a bargain, and I love books.  Recently I have visited a couple of thrift shops just to see what I could find.  I never usually check the book sections, but on these visits I did.  Well who knew?  I found all kinds of paperbacks, mostly in really good condition. Who gives away their perfectly good books?...more
My husband claims - I hoard books. I disagree they are comfort for the soul ;)more