DIY: Chalkboard Labeled Glass Jars

I love using my hands for projects around the house. Finding fun and easy DIY projects is a simple way to express myself and grow my creativity.After so many loads of laundry, unmaking and making up beds, cleaning toilets and rounds of dishes, I need something else for my hands to do. ...more

Re-Wire a Lamp

Have you ever found a cute lamp at a thrift store but were scared to buy it because you didn't know if it worked? Me too, but I decided to go for it because I'm doing this thing where I force myself to do and learn new things, and so far its turning out pretty well....more

My favorite things to buy at garage sales

I love garage sale season!...more

Six ways to cut laundry costs

 I love doing laundry!...more

Three ways to throw a party for less than $50

My oldest daughter just celebrated her third birthday.In the months leading up to it, she kept talking about having a butterfly party. Since she’s so cute, I had to oblige.I also had to find a way to do it on the cheap. I love a good challenge and I love saving money....more

Saving Money in a Jar // Part 2

My next Jar-ing idea references back to my Grandmas Wisdom post about us ladies doing something for one way to maybe save up for a much needed pampering night/day out is.... ...more

Saving Money in a Jar // Part 1

I am terrible with money- budgeting, saving, spending...everything.  I'ts a difficult game for me to understand, because I am such a hands on learner its hard for me to grasp money going out and coming in when everything is automated and we use credit/debit cards all the time.  Mike and I are constantly re-evaluating our budget and how to stay on that budget...its so darn hard!  However, I came across a few ideas that I liked and work for me on a smaller scale.  The first is: ...more

Be Thrifty.

In a major attempt to de-clutter my house and hence my life, I have started to sift through one room a week.  More on this later....With this comes lots of little piles of stuff that I either want to sell or give away. So once a week I drop off the "give away" pile at the local Goodwill on Parkway Drive.This may sound incredibly counterproductive but I just had to scoot into the Goodwill Shop just to see if there were any diamonds in the rough....more

Thrifty Thursday: Drug Store Make-up

So even though I adore Bobbi Brown make-up (see post from last week), I also like products that you can find at your local grocery store or drugstore too. So what products am I currently loving?   ...more

Thrifty Thursday: Notecards

Y'all, I truly believe in handwritten notes. I think they make a world of difference and are basically non-existent (which makes me super sad). I think it's so important to send thank you notes and E will grow up doing so. Yes, I'm guilty of sending e-mails to people to thank them, but what a difference it makes when you hand write one! To read more of this post, visit: Xo, J...more