Michael Douglas in BEYOND THE REACH

By Tinsel & Tine Contributor - Mikhail Revlock...more

Movie Blog Commentary - NO GOOD DEED

My Book Is On Sale - Lost (Affliction)

I finished my first book recently (Yeah!), and I'm trying to get it in as many hands as I can. And now it is on sale for the Kindle. In fact, it’s a countdown deal. It will be $0.99 until Friday, January 10, at 10am ET. After that, it will bump up to $1.99 for a few days, then $2.99 for a few days, and then back to the normal price. It’s my first book in a series with book 2 nearing completion. I hope you’ll give it a try and share it with your friends.You can get your copy here:http://amzn.com/B00FL4KM1C...more

Book Review: “Pines” by Blake Crouch

“Pines” by Blake Crouch is a thrilling work of fiction. You will be hooked from page one.Ethan Burke, the main character, is a man on a mission. The story begins with his waking up in a place called Wayward Pines. It is an idyllic setting: beautiful Victorian houses surrounded by gorgeous park and grass fields, majestic cliffs and a crystal, rolling river. But he is badly hurt. And he discovers that he has no wallet, no money clip, no ID, no keys, no phone. He only finds a Swiss Army knife in one of his pockets....more

Book Country: How to Share That Book in You

As we've been planning and discussing BlogHer Writers '11 (presented by Penguin Publishing in New York City on October 21), we've been asking, "Do you have a book in you?" If you're a genre fiction writer, your life just got easier -- I had a chance to talk to Molly Barton, VP Digital Publishing, Business Development & Strategy at Penguin Publishing and president of Book Country, a community for genre fiction writers (if you're confused by that term, think categories like mystery, sci-fi, romance, thriller) that could vault your novel to new heights. ...more
I love their genre map. I could play with it all day.more

Eye of the Beholder

Question: Can a man fall in love with a woman that he's never met, spoken to or doesn't even know her real name? Well, in the Eye of the Beholder, they try and answer that question....more