The Thrill of Letting Go of Labels (and Growing a Better Life)

Sometimes, maybe a lot of the time, we are hypnotized at such a young age by the words others label us with that we forget it was all someone else’s idea. But it’s never too late to take that hard right turn and head straight into the path of wonder.Wonder is that space where curiosity is buoyed by optimism and great creations exist before they’re even fully realized. We can feel them and are certain we’re a part of something big and good and full of wonder even though the bigger pieces have not come fully into form yet.A little background is necessary first....more

TATTOOED: Pamela Callow Writes Another Smart, Sexy Legal Thriller

  Recently, I sat down with Pamela Callow to talk about TATTOOED, the latest release in her wildly successful Kate Lange series. MK: The response to book three has been fantastic. What was your inspiration for Tattooed? I remember that DAMAGED, the first book in the series, was based on a criminal case....more