My Body as a Christmas Tree

I had to make the call.  It is time for my body scan to make sure that thyroid cancer hasn't returned.  It is a routine scan, but it feels anything but routine.  The whole process is more annoying than scary, well no, it is scary.  But it is also annoying.  Getting to the hospital 3 days in a row for injections, blood tests, and finally taking "The Pill".  No, not that pill, this pill will light up my insides like a Christmas tree to see if there is any stray thyroid cells lurking somewhere in my body.  Which is exactly what I tell my kids when I explain w...more

The Rising Tide of Thyroid Cancer: Part 18 in the Series "My Right Eye: A Blogger's Journey Through Cancer"

—Self-portrait of my right eye, nearly six years after surgery The Rising Tide of Thyroid Cancer A headline in Parade earlier this month jumped off the page as soon as I saw it:"Thyroid Cancer: Why Is It on the Rise?"...more

Redux: First There is a Cancer, Then There is no Cancer, Then There Is: Part 17 of "My Right Eye"

—Self-portrait of my right eye, nearly six years after surgery ...more

First There is a Cancer, Then There is no Cancer, Then There Is—Part 13 of "My Right Eye"

First There is a Cancer, Then There is no Cancer, Then There Is. So here we are: part 13 of the series. How's that for timing? I thought about making like a hotel and skipping over to the 14th floor, so to speak, but how silly is that? I mean, up to this point in the narrative, I've received two cancer diagnoses. I should care about luck now?...more

Radioactive Iodine Treatment: How I Got My Super Powers

Melissa takes us through the story of her radioactive iodine treatment to do away with her thyroid cancer once and for all, proving beyond the shadow of a down that humor is one of the best treatments of them all. ...more
I am about to receive my RAI in a week n a half and reading this story made me and my mother ...more

Really, what's the point of worrying about anything?

 I have been a worry-wart in days past, but I’m learning that few things waste more energy. Besides, it seems that the things you worry about don’t happen—on the other hand, those things it never occurred to you to worry about might. For example:  In 2004, my hubby was diagnosed with a rare form of thyroid cancer.   A brief work physical showed that his blood pressure was a bit high, and the nurse suggested he go to a doctor to address that....more

Thyroid Cancer Treatment Plan

On August 12, 2011, I was told I had follicular variant of papillary carcinoma.  Today is Sept 22 and I am 2 weeks away from the start of my treatment.  Below is an outline of my cancer plan as it is today.  I am sure there will be many changes and adjustments; this is what I know right now.  I am sure I have not absorbed everything, but here is the gist.  :) Excuse my non-medical lingo!The Cancer Plan...more
Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family. You will get through this. Thank you for ...more