(VIDEO) Celebrate Buddha's Birth! Read Buddhist in Nebraska, The Dalai Grandma, and More

On various days, depending on one's country of residence, at this time of year the celebration of Buddha's birthday takes place. In 1950, the World Federation of Buddhists called on government leaders around the world who had Buddhist communities in their countries to honor Buddha during this time of year. Wikipedia quotes the statement: ...more

Looking For Signs That Are Sealed And Delivered

elizabeth: I was dreaming about overindulging in Halloween candy when the phone rang. I don’t like getting calls after 10 PM because of that old wives’ tale that bad news only comes at night.  Yeah, right. A soft gentlemen’s voice on the other end informed me that he had a dream about my phone number and had to call. Not a great pick-up line, but I really wasn’t thinking he was going there. He said it again and I told him that he woke me up. It was late. Yes, he said it is 5 AM in Tibet. 5 AM in the Tibet?...more

The Shem Women's Group

You may not get excited about an extended work day, but you aren't a Tibetan nomad. ...more

Olympic Protest Campaigns: Which is More Effective?

The Olympics open today in China to a multitude of emotions, including anger from Tibetan, Darfurian, and Burmese human rights activists about China's role in the conflicts in these countries. ...more

'Am I not human?'

  Are Darfuris and Tibetans not human? ...more

Am I Not Human? A Day for Remembering

Sojourner's Place joins with other bloggers on this 27th day of April in the year 2008 in recognition of the symbolic importance of the Olympic Games and in denunciation of human rights violations across the world and specifically China, the host of this year's games. ...more

Women's Pregnanacy Health

It is hard to believe that in Tibet 2/3 of women give birth alone in their homes with no medical care and that one in ten infants die. The good news is that there is an organization that is helping pregnant women and their children. One Heart is a non profit organization that is working to provide medical supplies, education and training to the women of Tibet. Check out a video of One Heart in Action: ...more

Which Nation Is Worthy of The Olympic Gold Medal For Human Rights Violation? USA or China?

Richard Gere and Archbishop Desmond Tutu teamed up to lend their support to the people of Tibet at a protest rally in San Francisco last night in anticipation of today's Olympic Torch sprint through the city. "We must tell the leaders of the world, 'For goodness sake, for God's sake, for the sake of your children, our children, for the sake of the beautiful people of Tibet, don't go,'" said Mr Tutu, who urged Bush to abstain from attending the Olympic opening ceremony during his address to the crowd. Gere, like the Dalai Lama, stressed the importance of peaceful protest. ...more

Yes, the events could be: torture methods, secret prisoner transfers, team to fabricate best ...more

Tibet crisis: Why India needs to sit up and take notice

After weeks of "restraint" and insistence that Tibet was China's internal problem, India was put off this week, just a wee bit. China summoned the Indian ambassador at 2 a m to hand over details of protests that exiled Tibetans were allegedly planning in India. India immediately called off a high-level commerce-related visit to China. ...more

Hi Snigdha

My name is Vijay. Im working on making a documentray about career choices of ...more