Sheet Sets (Tidy Tuesday)

A couple of weeks ago my husband about had a heart attack when he opened the linen closet.  He set about reorganizing it to perfection…or so we thought.  After the great lice scare we hurriedly changed all the sheets in the house.  When we came to our room and I headed to the linen closet there was nothing easy at all about finding a matching set of sheets....more

Small Space Pantry Organization (Tidy Tuesday)

 When we moved into our current home there was very little extra storage space.  The kitchen is eat-in galley style.  We sacrificed some table room at the eating end of the kitchen and installed a wall of book-cases to hold our dishes (day-to-day and good), cookbooks and small appliances.  This allowed more cupboard space in the kitchen for pots and pans and ingredients.  Still, for someone who loves to cook, there just wasn’t enough room to hold more than a few cans and boxes of food....more

Tidy Tuesday: How to Wash Cloth Diapers

When we are home, we love to use our gDiapers!  I mean we really love to use them!  I am not a big fan of the ingredients and lack of regulations that are implemented with standard disposable diapers.  Even when I want the convenience of disposables, gDiapers have a flushable (you read that right, FLUSHABLE) disposable insert I can use....more

Tidy Tuesday – Our New Look!

I had grand plans of having a Tidy Tuesday post today on pantries.  But things just weren’t falling into place and I’ve been working with a great tech on to get Pardon My Poppet ready for even bigger and better things in order to serve all our readers better!...more

Tidy Tuesday – How to Naturally Clean Your Bathroom (Printable Check List Included)

There’s something about a clean bathroom that makes me want to sit in the tub and indulge in a bubble bath.  Normally I think of showers and baths as a waste of time, sitting all wet, waiting for conditioner to finish doing whatever it does in the 3 minutes it HAS to stay on my hair.  There are so many other things I could be doing!  If I didn’t like to be clean I’m sure I’d live like PigPen from Charlie Brown with a cloud of dust following along behind....more

Tidy Tuesday – How to Naturally Clean Your Kitchen (with printable check list)

I had such a great response to last week’s printable check list for teaching your child how to clean their own room, that I thought I’d continue on with a series of check lists on other areas....more

Tidy Tuesday – Teaching a Child How to Clean Their Room (with printable checklist)

 I used to be so frustrated on Saturday mornings when I wasn’t allowed to go to a friend’s house until I had cleaned my room.  It often felt like a completely insurmountable task.  I would often be driven to frustration, not having a clue where to begin!...more

Tidy Tuesday: The Ruthless E-mail Inbox De-clutter (Step by Step Instructions)

You see that little number beside the word “Inbox” there? That 800? That is NOT the number of e-mails in my inbox. Nope. That is the number of UNREAD e-mails in my inbox! There are actually 2,137 e-mails in my inbox!...more

Tidy Tuesday: Front Entry Organization


Tidy Tuesday – Bedroom De-Clutter

When we first moved into this house, we had no bed side tables.  As I was expecting Poppet, I needed a lot of table space for crackers, ginger ale, almonds, water, etc.  Plus essentials like a lamp and some reading material.  We headed to Ikea and bought the least expensive tables we could find.  They’ve served us well for close to 2 years, but our needs have changed....more
Aw, Thanks! If only I can keep it looking this way!more