One Year After the Tiger Mother: The Way We Talk About Parenting Will Never Be the Same

Exit the Year of the Tiger. Actually, 2011 was officially the Year of the Rabbit… but you wouldn’t know it from the talk about Tiger Moms and Butterfly Moms and Wolf Dads, and the multitudes of cross-bred animal analogies that were spawned from Amy Chua’s book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, which was released right before the last Chinese New Year. Many Asian Americans would prefer that whole catch phrase would just go away, but the parenting landscape will never be the same. And you know what?...more
I thought Amy Chua's book was very entertaining - my son (14) also read it and was laughing out ...more

On Tigers and Happiness

Have you ever read The Tiger?  It's a work of nonfiction by John Vaillant.  A bit heavy on the details, but a truly stunning account of the life of Siberian tigers, and what happens when politics and poverty drive people too close.  For environmentalists and political activists, it's a clarion call to do more.  Make conscious purchases.  Expand your awareness of all that was involved in manufacturing that party favour.  And so on....more

Putting Tiger Parenting in Context of the Immigrant Experience

What drives a parent to force her kids to practice piano or study for hours on end? For many immigrants, it's not so much blind ambition to climb the social ladder... but to merely gain a foothold in a new country. This spring, I've been reading a lot of Asian American literature: Lac Su's I Love Yous Are for White People, Jean Kwok's Girl in Translation, and Erin khue Ninh's Ingratitude. I have to admit, there are some common themes -- the pressure and tangible rewards of academic success, the fraught parent-child relationships....more

Baby Boomer Mothers Go Tiger. Sort Of.