A Shanghai Midsummer Night's Dream

First question to Tim Robbins, "How tall are you?". Answer:  6 foot 5....more

Single Celebrity Relationships: What We Can Learn From Them

Falling in love is an intimate experience-unless you’re a celebrity. Getting jilted is one thing. Being kicked to the curb in the flashbulb glare of the tabloid paparazzi is every woman’s worst nightmare. Here’s what we mere mortals can learn from celebrity relationships, both good and bad…. ...more

Lila's Weekly Friday Top 5 List - Best Movie Lines Ever

A new list every Friday, see if you agree with me. Today is: Best movie lines of all time. Could mean the most moving, the most quoted, the most hilarious, what are your top 5? This is my list: 1. “Get busy livin’, or get busy dying.” The Shawshank Redemption. This entire movie about hope, is a touching soulful story. This line marks the point in the movie where you’re not sure if Andy has lost his hope, or has gone mad, or has a scheme planned. No one could really predict just how beautifully he kicks prison-ass and makes the world right again. ...more