How much time do you spend with your children?

Sometimes I don't think I spend enough time with my son. I work full-time (and overtime). So on weekdays, I see my son as I motivate him through his morning routine and from when I get dinner on the table through when I tuck him into bed at night. Weekends are considerably better as we go through our chores and adventures, and are in each other's company for most of the day....more


<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> The other day, I was wandering around Costco a little dazed and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff. I rounded a corner to head down a new aisle and gasped. I was traumatized to see, looking down on me from his second shelf perch, a 6 foot tall snowman. He was elegant enough and looked like you could plug him in and cause him to glow on the snow of your front lawn. Just beautiful – in December! This was during the last week of July. ...more

Children and the elasticity of time

Time, I once famously said (that was a famous post, right?), is a dangerous thing. I normally don’t get any. I mean, yes. Like everyone else, I get twenty-four hours a day. But like I explained in that post, mine is taken up by children a lot....more

Just a Little longer

 Don’t take this the wrong way but I need to paint the walls, clean the carpet, and clear out the air vents. I didn’t know that all of this comes with getting a house. I understood the taxes, cutting the grass and paying the mortgage, but as a hoarder, I want to scream.I got most of the stuff out of my house but there is still a lot more. The house that at one time seemed so large is now closing in on me. Two kids, two dogs and two floors of their stuff.I have to get rid of this excess but the thing is, I don’t know what it is?...more

Looking Back On Our 20s: By Jen Oliak

 I've been thinking about my past lately. Thinking about the stages in my life that...more

Hoarding Time

Time is fleeting and regardless of what you do, you can’t hoard time. I’ve had to learn that the hard way over the weekend.Saturday was a busy day for me. I stayed with mother for a few hours, cleaned my house and straightened out the yard, all with the hopes of having any time after three to myself. You see, I wanted to watch do it yourself videos on how to cook, paint and clean carpets. Let’s get real, I wanted to lay in my bed and flip through the channels.“Mom. We are leaving at five right?”...more

Oh The Books I Have Not Read, Will I Get to Them Before I’m Dead?

Nearly not a day goes by that I do not find yet another non-fiction, self-help, spiritual improvement, delve-in-and-fix-yourself book that I want to read. So I put it in my cart and then as soon as I have reached the minimum for free shipping, I hit the order button. I’m always eager for each one I find because I know it will be helpful on my road to creating my perfectly comfortable life....more

#Confused: I Don't Really Get Hashtags

We live in a #hashtag #world that makes it #easy to become #overwhelmed #reading #socialmedia posts with everything #hashtagged. #Wow. I am pretty sure I'm doing something wrong to not hashtag everything I write. Anybody else feel this way? I remember when it all started. I thought my hipster son was just using one of his idioms to be cool. Little did I know that he was on the cutting edge of existence as we live it today. ...more
Thank you for sharing that article, I appreciate it! Hopefully it won't change before we get the ...more

Use Your Facebook Feed for an Easy End-of-Year Post

So I chose to scroll through my Facebook posts... and couldn't stop! I went all the way to 2009 (then my eyes started watering) which forced me to hit the brakes. Gosh, one thing was clear, I used to post much more often back then and not just links, but about the everyday happenings in my life, from superficial ills to eating chocolate cake. ...more
uneekdiva Go for it! It certainly was an interesting experience for me! :)more