4 Things to Do Before the Year Ends

We get caught up in our day to day happenings and are so set on where we’re going that  we often forget to see where we’ve been and where we stand today. The days and weeks of January 2015 can seem distant now, but don’t ever forget what you did accomplished those days. You put away your decorated house and cleared away the bills. Those everyday things accumulate...more

What Time It Is

2 Minute Stop

Most of us don't want to stop.It doesn't matter what we're doing, those last two minutes are precious.Just two more minutes, how often has any Mom heard that at bedtime? Do you want two more minutes on your coffee break? Or two more minutes on your steak?  ...more

Timey whimey Lessons

As I may have mentioned before, my family is all about Doctor Who. I was first introduced to the BBC TV Program in the reign of Tom Baker as the "Doctor" I loved his witty attitude, his long colorful scarf and the strong female characters that accompanied him on his travels in time and space. (Romana 1 and 2 as well as Leela) ...more

The Importance of Planning


24 Hour Day: Getting Ready 2 hours

100 Page Limit

What’s your 100 page limit? The person who coined this phrase with me is passionate for books in her career and her life, and we’d been talking about good reading material. She said that she dumped a book at 100 pages, if it didn't catch her interest. I thought, hmmm what is a person’s limit in their life, not only in their dedication to a book which isn't proving to be a page turner? When does someone stop what they’ve habitually been doing without thought or care and choose to just stop....more

Sand Through the Hourglass

I read a blog post a while ago written by another blogger about all the things she didn't do because she didn't have time. I thought that was a smashing idea so I intended to steal it.Then, I realized…who am I kidding? I have all the time in the world. I haven't been gainfully employed in several years. I just don't want to do them.So, the following are things I have plenty of time to do but have no intention of doing.1. Nail or Hair Maintenance: ...more

It's About Time

Someone we love is dying right now. Not the abstract “we’re all going to die someday” kind of dying. The real right now kind. The kind that will leave us with broken and grateful hearts. Wishing we had a few more days, or months, and yes, years.It’s making me anxious, which is not what I expected. I expected sad, and I am. I didn’t expect to feel like my own clock was on speed dial and I would be racing to catch up....more

There Ought to be a Law