Hideaways     I wrote this post three years ago while caring for my mother.  She has since passed away but going through my older posts I thought it might be a nice one for caregivers to read to help you through the difficult days.  I know how hard it was at times.  We all need hideaways sometimes. Most mornings I wake at 4:30 and enjoy my ...more

My Sunday: Pajamas, Word Games, and Wine Cooler(s)

When the kids are all with their dad, you're on your own,and you can't get over to visit your mom on Sunday, then this is what you do:...but only once the sink's empty and the laundry is drying on the line, of course....more

Less Greasy HAPPY, or Remember Sunny Days When It is Grey Inside and Out

It's been one of those days. Day 1 of a 4 day long weekend, and the kids have been arguing all yelling all day. OK, not the entire day, as I'm pretty sure that they were very well behaved while playing at their friends' house. They did start-up again as they were getting out of the car when dropped back at home about an hour ago, couldn't even wait until they were completely out of the vehicle....more

Peace and quiet makes me feel {guilty}

 The constant chaos of three shrieking girls is taxing on the eardrums.  I feel like a broken record every single day with the repetitive lines of 'lower your voices' or 'stop yelling' or 'please, girls, Mommy can't hear Daddy on the phone!'...more
Never feel guilty...It's the best thing you do for yourself and your family to recharge those ...more

In Real Life

The very first time Michael and I went out alone (together) after Eric was born was to see a movie.I cried through the entire thing.Michael thought I was really touched by the subject of the film. ...more


Watching the moon at midnight, solitary, mid-sky, I knew myself completely, no part left out. -Izumi Shikubu ...more