First Communion, Nostalgia, and How Time Really Does Fly

Facebook newsfeeds teem with Prom photos this time of year, and--if you are Catholic--with First Communion pictures.  Both are rites of passage that many of us can relate to and which engender nostalgia (or PTSD, depending on what your Prom experience was)....more

The Older I Get the Faster Time Passes

By: Wendy Castellanos-Wolf...more

The Days Keep On Rolling: Great Websites for Getting the Best Fit for Your Child’s Car Seat

Time Flies The older I get, the faster the days a...more

Just wait...

Today is stunningly gorgeous in the fair(ish) city of Chi. Like, running barefoot across the adjacent blanket in Millennium Park gorgeous. And then apologizing, for you were just trying to get a free bag of ComEd popcorn before the movie started. Which won't happen this year because the city hates my personal view of fun.But I think you get the picture....more

Another Year in Parenting

I'm changing calendars tomorrow. Replacing the tattered 2007 one with a shiny 2008 one. There's lots of white space waiting to be filled by kids activities, birthdays, parties - there's already a bridal shower in January waiting to be pencilled in. I've taken to saving the old calendars. Maybe I don't like the idea of tossing out the old year - too dismissive. So I keep them in a drawer, one year on top of the previous one. There are ten years piled into a three-inch stack of faded cardstock and twisted wire binding - a lot of living compressed in those three inches. ...more

Does time drag or fly when you're pregnant?

cross-posted from my blog at Suddenly, the time left in my pregnancy is flying. At first, it seemed to drag. Nothing really changed and I sometimes wondered if I was really pregnant. And then my boobs got huge and I stopped wondering… a little. But then there was another period where nothing seemed to be happening and time dragged on and on. ...more

I am so relieved that the heat waves are mostly over! September was miserable. While I'm ...more